The MESAUDA BEAUTY gift card is a virtual product that can only be used for online purchases at

How does it work?

Add the gift card to your shopping cart and complete the purchase process.

You will receive two emails: an order confirmation email; an email with the gift card code to send to whoever you want.

The email will contain a discount code to be entered on the shopping cart page for future purchases. The code is valid for 1 year.

There is no payment on delivery, because it is a virtual product and the purchase is concluded with the receipt of the email.



    The "Gift Card" is a legitimation document in "electronic" form, issued by Mesauda Beauty Srl, headquartered in General Armando Diaz Square 7- 20123 Milan, Italy, identified through its unique recognition code (the "Code"), which allows the use of a prepaid credit for the purchase of products or services available from time to time within the online shop of the site (the "Products"), until the relevant value is exhausted. Gift Cards may only be purchased and used at the above website (the "Site").

    The Gift Card is intended exclusively for private use in favour of the Consumer (as defined in art. 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 as amended "Consumer Code").


    The Gift Card is issued upon payment - according to the specific payment methods indicated on the Site at the time of purchase - of an amount equal to the value of the Gift Card being purchased, in the types made available on the Site from time to time (by way of example, €25, €50, €75, €100, €150).

    The Gift Card is sent by email to the address indicated by the purchaser at the time of purchase. The purchaser will send it to a third person.

    Once purchased, the Gift Card can be used by entering the Code in the appropriate field in the shopping cart at the time of payment. Once the Code has been entered, the total amount of the order will be deducted from the Gift Card balance for a value equal to the price of the product(s) purchased, including VAT.

    The Gift Card can be used within a period of one year from the date of purchase (the "Validity Period"). After this period, the Gift Card cannot be used anymore and the eventual residual credit cannot be used in any way by the respective holder.

    The Gift Card can also be used as partial payment of a purchase made with another payment method: if the balance on the Gift Card is not sufficient to cover the amount required for the products and/or services requested, the remaining amount can be paid according to the payment methods accepted from time to time on the Website.  

    Failure to enter the Gift Card code at the time of payment for the purchased products and services will not allow the use of the prepaid credit on the Gift Card. The Gift Card is not entitled to cash refunds, cannot be recharged and the amount loaded on it does not accrue interest.

    Mesauda Beauty Srl will issue - at each purchase transaction through the use of the Gift Card - a tax receipt. This is without prejudice to the holder's right to request a tax invoice by entering the billing information in the appropriate fields.

    The subject, user of the Gift Card, may register on the Website, entering the personal data requested therein, in order to access a private area. The terms of registration and use of the website related to the purchase and payment of the products are determined on the website in the section Terms and Conditions.

    All information on products and prices is subject to change.

    The Gift Card cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards.

    The Gift Card cannot be recharged, resold or converted into cash.

    The remaining balance of a Gift Card cannot be transferred to another Gift Card.

    Any complaints regarding the use of the Gift Card can be sent by e-mail to


     The Purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement of a Gift Card, without any penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase of the same. The right of withdrawal under this paragraph is expressly excluded and cannot be exercised with reference to a Gift Card partially or fully used for the purchase of Products.

    To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer must give notice to Mesauda Beauty srl by sending a statement via email to the following address:

    Following withdrawal, the Purchaser will receive a confirmation e-mail containing:

    1. the order number from which you are withdrawing,
    2. the effective date of withdrawal and deactivation of the Gift Card.

    In case of withdrawal, the Purchaser will be refunded the payment made for the purchase of the Gift Card, without undue delay and, in any case, not later than 30 days from the communication of the will to exercise the right of withdrawal. Said reimbursement shall be made using the same means of payment used by the Purchaser when purchasing the Gift Card, unless the Purchaser requests reimbursement by a different means of payment: in the latter case the Purchaser shall bear any additional costs arising from the reimbursement by such different means of payment. 


    The purchaser of the Gift Card is obliged to keep the Code confidential. The acquirer therefore assumes the entire risk of use of the Gift Card by unauthorised persons.

    Mesauda Beauty srl is therefore not responsible for any fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the Gift Card by any third party.

    Mesauda Beauty srl is not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, related to dysfunctions of the Gift Card and the systems for their management not dependent on its own will.


    For purchases made with the Gift Card, the General Conditions of Use and Sale of Mesauda Beauty srl published on the website apply.

    The Gift Card is issued by Mesauda Beauty Ltd.

    When purchasing, receiving or using a Gift Card, you accept these terms and conditions and that they are governed by Italian law.

    Mesauda Beauty srl reserves the right to modify these conditions from time to time at its sole discretion. These conditions are enforceable to the extent permitted by law.

    Any dispute relating to the use of the Gift Card shall be governed by Italian law. Any dispute shall be settled by the Court of Rome.

    The invalidity of a clause of these Rules shall not, however, render the whole of the Rules invalid.

    6. PRIVACY

    The Customer's data are processed by Mesauda Beauty srl in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of personal data, as specified in the information provided in the appropriate section of the site referred to in Article 13 of European Regulation No. 679/2016 - GDPR.



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