Reactive pH Lip Plumper is designed to increase lip volume in a natural and customized way. Its formula reacts to the unique pH of your lips, gently stimulating blood circulation and creating a customized volumizing effect.

The result? Fuller, luscious lips that perfectly match your face.

Thanks to its formulation enriched with nourishing oils, your lips will be consistently moisturized and soft


VOLUMIZING HYALURONIC ACID: at different molecular weights. This moisturizing and skin-softening active visibly smooths and hydrates the lips, giving volume to the surface layers of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid helps attract and retain water: as a result, lips appear smoother and fuller.

VEGETABLE COLLAGEN: An anti-aging, remodeling and firming active made from a mixture of sweet white lupin seed extract and sunflower oil. It helps increase collagen synthesis, thereby improving skin elasticity and providing protection to the lips.

COLOR-CHANGING MOLECULE: This ingredient changes color when exposed to changes in pH and moisture levels. Once the product is applied, the molecule interacts with basic cell components and produces color in response to their amount and the skin's moisture level. When mixed, they leave a pinkish pigmentation.

REFRESHING AGENT: provides a pleasant, intense and long-lasting feeling of freshness, helping to enhance the perception of the volumizing effect.

WARMING AGENT: is a mild active that produces a pleasant and prolonged feeling of warmth.



Tinted Nourishing Lip Oil, contains numerous natural ingredients such asJojoba Oil, Shea Butter and VitaminE, designed to intensely protect and moisturize the lips.

With an oily but not greasy or sticky texture, this product offers deep hydration and a touch of subtle color, while an instant remodeling active works to firm and volumize, restoring density and firmness to the lips.


ISTANTANEOUS REMODELING ACTIVE: Firming and smoothing active for wrinkles. Visible results from the very first application.

SELVATIAN MANGO BUTTER: Characterized by an important moisturizing, protective and repairing action, particularly effective on the lips. 

KARITÈ BUTTER: Gives deep hydration and retains moisture in the lips, preventing dehydration. 

JOJOBA OIL: Gives deep hydration and retains moisture in the lips, preventing dehydration.