Winter Must-Have: the must-have products for your winter beauty case

Winter Must Have: here are the products that can't be missed in your winter beauty case MESAUDA

Winter can put our make-up to the test. Follow our advice and discover the perfect Winter Must-Haves to face the cold weather in style!

Looking for some beauty tips for the cold season? Winter is not always kind and we have to take precautions to preserve not only our make-up but also our skin! Between cold and windy weather, this is the season when it is even more important than usual to take care of yourself. 

Here, then, are a few tips for winter-proof make-up that combines performance and glamour!

Face primer OIL FOIL 

We can't say it enough: good make-up starts with the base! After proper skin care, using the products that best suit your skin, apply a face primer to help protect your skin and increase the durability of your make-up.

If in winter your skin tends to become dry and sensitive, you can try a moisturising primer. OIL FOIL It has an oil-free texture and penetrates instantly into the skin providing deep hydration, reducing fine lines and pores and giving the skin a natural glow without making it greasy.


If you wear a mask all day, focus on the eyes and on water-resistant make-up that does not drip with sweat or condensation.

Try the super-pigmented, water-resistant eyeliner. Eyes on FleekIts ultra-precise furry tip is ideal for easily drawing both thin and thick lines without smudging. The special pigment does not fade over time but remains intense for a long time.

BIGANDTHICK waterproof mascara

Mascara should also be mascara-proof! It's best to opt for a long-lasting, strong product. And we can only recommend the brand-new mascara BIGANDTHICK Lashes.

Mesauda's newcomer has already conquered all beauty addicts thanks to its special formula which combines the texture of cream mascaras with the durability of waterproof products, while its special wand manages to reach all the lashes, giving them extreme definition and length.

Waterproof, long-lasting, humidity and sweat proof, BIGANDTHICK is a workout-proof mascara formulated to last a long time and really stand up to anything.

    No-transfer lipsticks

    Masquerades will not stop our passion for lipsticks... as long as they are no-transfer!

    The three lipsticks from the Bohemian Glam Collection are the perfect solution for a super elegant and at the same time resistant lip make-up. They are matte lipsticks in stylo with an immediate and homogeneous colour release, which last up to 10 hours. They dress the lips in full, opaque shades from the very first application. The no-transfer formula is extremely soft and comfortable and spreads easily for sensual and bold lips.

    In addition, the formula is enriched with CAPUAÇU BUTTER: derived from the seeds of the Amazonian Capuaçu tree, a tree of the Malvaceae family. In Spanish it is also called cacao blanco, or white cacao, because the product actually looks like white chocolate. It has a high content of phytosterols with a repairing and nourishing action on dry and damaged lips, and polyphenols that help combat free radicals.

    LIP COCOON lip balms

    If, however, your lips need a little extra pampering to resist the cold, you should (also) use a lip balm to nourish and moisturise them.

    Lip Cocoon is a special moisturising and colourful lip balm which, like a rich oil, glides on and blends pleasantly into the lips. From the very first application it creates a pigmented veil on the lips, while at the same time moisturising and colouring them with its nourishing ingredients. Available in five shades, each with a light scent that will make your day!

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