Which face cream to choose for your skin type?

Which face cream to choose for your skin type? MESAUDA

Oily, combination, dry or normal skin: each skin type requires specific attention to restore its natural balance and glow from day to night.

Let's see together how to choose the right face cream for you and which product to use for a face that always looks fresh and smooth.

The face cream for oily or combination skin

Skin is defined as oily when it has excess sebum, impurities or frequent blemishes and the pores need thorough cleansing to get rid of toxins. This is only true in certain areas of the face that have more sebum and need dedicated products with high purifying power. The rebalancing line of Mesauda facial products is formulated to restore the skin's natural balance and includes: day cream, serum, cleansing gel and face mask.

The face cream for oily skin and mixedskin Purity Skin Balance is perfect for achieving mattness while maintaining ideal moisture levels. The soft and light texture of this face cream for combination skin and oilyskinmakes it a fresh cream that is also suitable in summer, because it is absorbed quickly without leaving an oily trace on the skin. You can also use it as a make-up base for a radiant result that respects the skin and its specific needs.

When the skin needs hydration

The needs of the skin change with the seasons, diet, water intake and age. This is why the moisturising line Mesauda comes to your aid whenever you need specific protection against dehydration and dryness on your face. The moisturising products in this line of cosmetics are designed to counteract the effects of atmospheric pollutants and restore natural vitality.

Aquacious Cream Cocoon is highly nourishing. This super moisturising cream is dedicated to normal and dry, mature and young skin requiring specific action. Its rich, compact texture provides softness and envelops the skin in a fine veil, protecting it from external aggression. Regular use gives the face a full appearance, releasing the necessary nourishment for a smooth and even complexion.

To restore firmness and beauty to mature skins

Against tiredness, the passing of the years and stress, which can leave visible signs on the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid line comes to the rescue, with products dedicated to cell renewal with strong moisturising power, suitable for all types of mature skin.

The Revealing Day Cream has a light, quickly absorbed texture that promotes cell renewal and protects the skin from external aggression. Its active ingredients support the skin, improving hydration and firmness, leaving the facial skin noticeably regenerated and smooth.

During the night, cell regeneration is most active: it is at this time that Refining Night Cream acts on the depth of wrinkles and increases collagen synthesis, for immediately moisturised and visibly smoother skin.

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