What is face primer? Here is a guide to using Mesauda's newest primers

What is a face primer? Here's a guide to using the newest MESAUDA Mesauda primers.

All too often underestimated, face primer is the ideal ally for enhancing and protecting our skin and ensuring that make-up lasts longer.

A beauty secret, the ideal ally for a perfect make-up routine, it sublimates the skin and enhances make-up performance. All this is face primer!

This is a product that is sometimes underestimated, but once included in your beauty routine, it will be able to provide you with a real make-up revolution.

For years, it was a jealously guarded secret by all the greatest make-up artists, who considered it to be the "secret ingredient" for high-performance, long-lasting make-up. Today, however, it is part of the make-up routine of many beauty addicts.

Usually available in cream, gel or liquid form, it is a "perfector" of the epidermis: halfway between a facial treatment and make-up, it creates the foundation of make-up andkeeps it longer.

If you want to create a perfect make-up base, don't forget the primer, a real trump card for both elaborate make-up and when you don't have much time and still want a better-looking complexion.

When and how to use it?

Face primer should be applied after the base cream and before Concealer and foundation. It is important to remember that although moisturising primers exist, this product is not a substitute for cream.

Simply apply it to the face with your hands in quick movements. After it has been completely absorbed, move on to Concealer and the foundation.

Thecomplete absorption of the product will increase its performance, so allow a few minutes between the application of primer and Concealer and foundation.

The three new face primers from Mesauda

Mesauda starts with the base (make-up) and has come up with three face primers, developed to specifically address the needs of different skin types.

Let's find out what these new face primers are and what their characteristics are...

Shine Free for combination and oily skin

A fresh, gliding gel that gives the skin a smooth, matte finish. Ideal for correcting combination and oily skin and preparing it for make-up. The gel-to-powder texture transforms into an invisible, smoothing, supple veil once applied to the skin.

Thanks to its water-based formula, releases a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin. The result is immediate: soft and silky skin, shine cancelled and corrected.

Oil Foil for normal and dry skins

It is the make-up base in oil non-oil texture that instantly penetrates the skin providing deep hydration, reducing fine lines and pores.
Gives a natural glow to the skin without making it greasy, making it ideal for normal and dry skin.

Developed according to the concept of aromatherapy, which involves the use of certain fragrances for both physical and spiritual benefit, contains:

  • GREEN CLAY: regenerating elixir of nature, infuses feelings of calm and energy;
  • AQUATIC NOTE: gives balance by freeing the mind;
  • FLORAL NOTES AND AGRUMATE: give vitality;
  • SPICY NOTES: infuses creativity

Zero Flaws, the passe-partout for all skin types 

Face primer instant filler effect. It prepares the skin for make-up, evening out the complexion, minimising the appearance of pores, wrinkles and expression lines thanks to the presence of silicones, for a visibly sublimated skin texture.

Thanks to its non-occlusive formula, it absorbs in seconds, giving your complexion a smooth and velvety appearance in record time. It releases a light, transparent and comfortable film that absorbs in seconds and protects skin and make-up from external agents.

How about you? Have you already chosen the right face primer for your skin? Run to our shop!

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