Waterproof mascara: how to remove it easily

Waterproof mascara: here's how to remove it easily MESAUDA

No more weakened lashes! Today we explain how to remove waterproof mascara.

For a day to live to the fullest, an evening to remember forever or that moment you've been waiting for... A waterproof mascara that can withstand all eventualities is the must-have for every occasion.

But then how to remove it completely?

With our tips on how to remove waterproof mascara you can find out how easy it is.

Step 1. Wear the right waterproof mascara

The mascaras can be very different from each other, because they are designed to meet different needs. You can choose them to increase the volume of your lashes, to curl them with a wow effect or for your strongest moments, where resisting water, gym sessions or strong emotions is a must.

For diving in, laughing, moving and jumping without a care in the world, Aqua Lash mascara is the best for you, because it has unbeatable hold and helps you look flawless, always and everywhere.

Step 2. Remove make-up gently

After a busy day, the time comes to remove your beloved waterproof mascara and prepare for a thorough cleansing. With Mesauda's make-up remover you can gently and effectively removewaterproof mascara to get rid of all traces of make-up.

In this case, it is very useful to use a two-phase make-up remover which can satisfy even the most demanding skins, thanks to the double presence of oils that dissolve even the most resistant make-up and water with a soothing effect and astringent properties.

Have you already read our article on removing waterproof make-up step by step? You can find it here!

Step 3. Make your skin moisturised and fresh

Once the make-up has been wiped off your face, your skin will be clean and yet will have lost some of its moisture. That's why we advise you not to skip cleansing your face at night, even when it's late and your eyes are closing. It is precisely at night that the skin regenerates and beauty products become even more effective.

So, no more laziness and up with the moisturising creams!

The extra secret? Apply a micellar water twice a day, morning and evening, to strengthen your skin against pollution, stress and fatigue. Simply dab your face with a pad soaked in the product and leave to dry.
After this step, you can apply your moisturiser and continue with your beauty routine.

Now that you know all the moves on how to remove waterproof mascara and make your facial skin fresh and visibly healthy all day long, you can create your own super-strong make-up and a splash-proof look!

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