Vinyl lips: find out how to achieve a super glam beauty look

Vinyl effect lips: find out how to achieve a super glam beauty look MESAUDA

Brilliant and voluminous, vinyl effect lips are back in the spotlight with the new Extreme Vinyl liquid lipsticks from Mesauda.

Are you ready to experiment with a glamorous rock look? It's time to get daring with new vinyl liquid lipsticks. We've seen them on catwalks all over the world, they've brightened up the make-up of celebrities all over the world and have often taken pride of place in our make-up routines.

Vinyl effect liquid lipsticks are in fact a trend that comes back to our beauty houses on a regular basis. And if in winter lip make-up involves products with an ultra-smooth matte finish, with the summer season comes the time to try lipsticks with a superglossy finish with an extremegloss effect .

Increasingly sophisticated and comfortable, the new vinyl effect liquid lipsticks have a long lasting formula that does not stick and does not leave any annoying residue.

Spring/Summer lips are bright and glossy. They don't allow half measures and banish (at least until next Autumn) the matt or velvety effect.

It's time for vinyl lips! Here's how to make them...

Why choose liquid lipsticks?

Vinyl liquid lipsticks are the perfect solution for hyper-defined, glossy lips. Their strength lies in the fact that combines the characteristics of glosses and lipsticks, creating bold and rebellious looks. Their shiny, super glossy finish also makes them perfect for those with thin lips who want to accentuate them because highlights every curve of the lips and enhances their three-dimensionality. This is why experts recommend combining them with a more subtle eye make-up. Finally, another factor not to be underestimated is extreme comfort. The new formulas are designed not to weigh down the lips and are enriched with innovative technologies to ensure perfect and long-lasting adhesion. Create your vinyl beauty look To create the perfect vinyl lip make-up look, first you need to prepare your lip base. Start right away with a scrub, ideal for keeping your lips smooth and healthy. As well as being unsightly, dry or chapped lips prevent the perfect application of lipstick. A smooth, moisturised base is essential for applying gloss and lipstick and making them last longer. Then apply a balm to protect and moisturise your lips. Once you've created the perfect base, it's time to make up! Define the lip contour with a pencil, starting from the centre of the lips: choose a waterproof lip pencil to increase the durability and resistance of the lipstick. The defined line creates a barrier against lipstick spillage. Finally, let's move on to the lipstick. Place the applicator in the centre of the lips and spread the product outwards. The new lighter and lighter formulas makeapplication extremely easy, but always remember to apply the product evenly and not to dwell too much on the edges to avoid creating annoying and unsightly product build-up. Extreme Vinyl by Mesauda "Lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun" has long been the mantra of many beauty addicts. In general it is true, lipstick lasts longer but gloss is more fun... But what if we told you that the new vinyl effect liquid lipsticks by Mesauda are the right combination of lipstick and gloss?
The brand new Extreme Vinyl line is designed to combine the brilliance of a gloss with the performance of a lipstick. All the rock energy of old vinyl in a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish and intense colour, designed to show off your lips without weighing them down.
How is it different? As well as being the perfect compromise between two products, Extreme Vinyl lipsticks have a plumping formula with a volumising effect, for visibly plumped lips after just a few minutes. In addition, the light finish and the hyper-pigmented texture guarantee long-lasting hydration and intense colour. So if you want to give your lips a bolder touch without sacrificing the comfort of a high-performance product, Extreme Vinyl is the right choice! Discover its exclusive formula and 8 colours on the Mesauda website.

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