Intensifies the look with defined and natural eyebrows

Intensifies the look with defined and natural eyebrows MESAUDA

Eyebrows have become a focal point of facial make-up, thanks to their ability to enhance the eyes and make them more intense.

Make-up products that enhance and harmonise the line of the eyebrows, especially when the eyebrow area seems poorly defined, come to the aid of the eyebrow arch.
Here are some tips for tooutline your eyebrows with a natural effect.

How to get defined eyebrows: all thedos

When the eyebrow arch needs retouching, it is possible to draw and achieve a precise, yet natural and harmonious line with a few tricks.

The first step to bear in mind is to start by combing the eyebrows upwards, so that you can immediately thicken the area and see where you need to concentrate more. Once the eyebrows have been combed out and fixed, any gaps should be filled in with the product that best suits your needs.

The product delineator of eyebrows par excellence is Brow Liner with a cream formula, which allows for a natural and defined effect. The creamy texture ensures long-lasting, intense lines of colour and an even stroke that adheres perfectly to the eyebrows without smudging or fading.

The accessory designed for tooutline the eyebrows with Brow Liner is the angled brush Definer Brow, perfect for tracing a precise outline along the upper and lower edges of the eyebrow.

How to get defined eyebrows: all the Donts

Harmonising the look with defined eyebrows is not only a matter of knowing how to do it, but also of knowing what not to do, to avoid compromising the final result.

A practical example is the choice of colour for the product outlining of the eyebrows: those with light hair should prefer a darker tone for their eyebrows, while the opposite solution is suitable for those with a darker hair shade.

The product to be used is also crucial, because depending on the shape you want to achieve, a cream product, a pencil or a powder product will produce very different results.
Sometimes it can be very useful to use several products so that the eyebrows can be precisely outlined and thickened at the same time.

To make the eyebrow line even, without overdoing the amount of make-up, remember to draw a thin, precise line above and below the eyebrow, so that the effect is fresh and not artificial.

We have seen that every need is matched by a specific eyebrow make-up, which is able to outline youreyebrows to the best of their ability. Discover the entire range at our Online Shop.

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