Velvet effect lips with liquid lipsticks

Velvet effect lips with MESAUDA liquid lipsticks.

Discover the new liquid lipsticks for a velvet effect on your lips.

If you love lip make-up, but don't like the dry feeling you sometimes get when wearing classic lipstick, this article is for you. Giving your lips a new royal look now takes on a new meaning with matte liquid lipstick.

It is a fresh and light new product that goes easily with any style. With this seasonal must-have, you can create new looks and give your lips an elegant allure with a mysterious appeal. Fall in love with us!

Before choosing your liquid lipstick

Liquid lipsticks differ from classic lipsticks in the way they are applied and in their soft texture. Applying the colour of these products may seem easy and extremely quick, but correct use requires a few precautions to optimise the product's hold on the lips.

Before proceeding, it is important that the lips are smooth and dry, with no traces of lip balm or lip balm. When the lips are well cleaned and moisturised, the product adheres effectively, creating a pigmented and even veil of great impact. What's more, a perfect base will not only make it easier to apply, but also prolongs the hold of your liquid lipstick, giving you a long-lasting no-transfer effect.

But don't worry, we're not alone. Liquid lipsticks come to our aid Extreme Velvet which, with their formula enriched with avocado oil, make it easy to apply the colour evenly to the lips, leaving them moisturised and smooth for a long time.

Lip care

The liquidmatte lipstick is not a matt lipstick like any other. Signs of dryness and blemishes are off-limits, as are the much-hated cuticles. Before applying the lipstick using the applicator provided, let's start with lip care.

Go ahead with the scrubs, which should be prepared several hours before you put on liquid lipstick. Once you have completed your beauty routine, your lips should be moisturised and smoothed so that you can show off your vibrant, fresh looks. To remove your matte liquid lipstick, we recommend using an oil instead, which removes all traces of colour and leaves your lips naturally moisturised. Complete your cleansing with a biphasic make-up remover for the lips and you're done.

The most intriguing colours of the moment

The season's must-have colours embrace nature and give the lips a regal look. With the colour palette of Extreme Velvet you can give free rein to all shades of red: from brick red to classic red. For a touch of elegance and sensuality, purples and pinks are the ideal choice, whether in shades of dark pink and fuchsia or in sophisticated mauve and orchid.

Finally, a timeless look never transcends neutral tones, which in 2020 take on a unique pigmented look by marrying the caramel shade or the more delicate nude colour.

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