Tutorial: how to apply lip pencil

lip make up tutorial

Here is a complete guide on how to properly apply lip pencil for a flawless result.

1. Lip preparation

Before you start applying the pencil, it is essential to prepare your lips. Be sure to moisturize them well to avoid a dry, chapped base: use a lip balm or regenerating oil to create a soft, smooth base.

2. Choose the right color of pencil

The color of the lip pencil should be chosen according to the color of the lipstick you want to use. You can opt for a shade equal to or slightly darker than the lipstick shade for classic looks, or definitely darker for trendier looks. Either way, make sure the color of the pencil is intense and vibrant.


3. Apply the pencil

Start by applying lip pencil starting from the center of the upper lip, following its natural shape. Then replicate the same process on the lower lip. Finally, extend the stroke, proceeding millimeter by millimeter on the contour of the lips while holding your hand as still as possible or using a small brush. This is a delicate moment because you need to be as precise as possible on the line between the lips and the lip contour.

4. Fill in the lips and blend the pencil.

Having a well-defined outline, you can now fill in your lips using the pencil itself. Make the coloring thicker at the part closest to the edges to replicate the natural coloring of the mouth. To avoid an overly "artificial" look, we recommend blending the pencil with your fingers or a brush.

zendaya make up lips


5. Apply lipstick

Now that you have applied lip pencil, you can switch to lipstick in similar shades to create an intense, luminous effect and play it safe. Or if you want to break away from the classic and try the ombré lip trend, we recommend using a lighter color to create a contrast between the edge and the inside. In any case, liquid lipsticks with a matte finish, such as Sublimatte, are perfect for this procedure, since they set and don't shift, but if you don't own any, you can use a good matte lipstick.


lips tutorial

7. Use the Concealer

To finish the result, use a Concealer along the edge of the lips for a more precise effect and to keep the color pigments in place. In conclusion, if you want to apply lipstick flawlessly, you cannot do without the lip pencil, which also serves to use a long-lasting result.



For prominent, long-lasting lips with a matte finish, we recommend the following pairings:

If you prefer to achieve the classic creamy, moisturizing nude look:

Instead, to recreate the effect mentioned earlier of "Ombré lips."

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