The Skin or Magic Wand? Discover which foundation is right for you

The Skin or Magic Wand? Find out which foundation is right for you MESAUDA

Are you looking for the perfect foundation? Here are our tips for choosing the product best suited to your needs and your skin.

The right foundation is a bit like a best friend: once you find it, you can't do without it! This is why it is so important to choose the product best suited to your needs. Let us see together how to do this and what the main characteristics of Mesauda foundations are.

When it comes to foundation, and make-up base in general, it is essential to consider:

  • The colouring of our skin (complexion and undertone)
  • Your type (i.e. whether you are normal, dry, combination or oily)
  • Thefinal effect we want to achieve

Once these three factors have been considered, we can proceed to choose the products for our make-up base. It goes without saying that the foundation is the undisputed star of our make-up because it is the product that best evens out the complexion.

So, if you're wondering which foundation is perfect for you, go ahead and take a look at our recommendations because today we're going to explain what the main differences are between MAGIC WAND and THE SKINMesauda's best-selling make-up foundations.


Magic Wand is the multi-purpose foundation with an exceptional second-skin effect. Like a compact magic wand, conceals imperfections and protects the dermis. The final result is fresh and radiant, making touch-ups unnecessary. Easy to apply, thanks to the applicator that provides comfort and gentleness on contact with the skin.

Available in 18 shades, for all complexion types and undertones. If you have fair or very fair skin, go for the FAIR shades, and if your complexion is olive, go for the MEDIUM shades. Finally, for dark or very dark skin, DARK shades are ideal.

The special formulation of Magic Wand and its powdery matt finish make it theideal product for combination or oily skin. In addition to evening out the complexion, it also conceals small skin imperfections.

Simply apply the product to the face with the handy applicator and then spread it with a brush (we recommend thedouble-fibrebrushes F02 and F04 with a flat profile) or with a blender.

Always remember that application with a brush guarantees greater coverage, while the blender is more suitable for a more natural and light final effect: it does not absorb the product and allows you to blend the complexion, preventing any streaks and accumulation of product.


THE SKIN is a fluid foundation with a luminous finish and an ultra-light texture that allows medium to high coverage thanks to the possibility of modulating it to obtain the desired effect. Thanks to its formulation, with a high water content inside, it is particularly suitable for normal and dry skin (even mature).

The plus of the Mesauda THE SKIN foundation is also the presence of the sun protection factor - SPF 15. Protecting the dermis from UV rays all year round helps combat premature skin ageing and the appearance of sun spots, while also creating a protective shield against the harmful effects of the blue light emitted by computer and smartphone screens.

The colour range includes 18 different shades, developed to meet the needs of any complexion and undertone. 18 shades for every type of complexion and undertone: 6 FAIR shades, 6 MEDIUM shades, 6 TAN-DARK shades declined in warm C undertones and cool W undertones.

To apply it, it is important to remember to shake the product before use: this will encourage the mixing of the two phases (oil and water).

In addition, we recommend applying afew drops of THE SKIN to the back of your hand and spreading a small amount of product on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin with the help of the F02 or F04 brush, from the centre towards the contours of the face and neck until the desired coverage is achieved. If you want a natural effect, you can apply the foundation with your fingertips or a make-up blender. In any case, it is better not to apply the product directly to the face as it is very fluid and could run.

To recap... what is the perfect Mesauda foundation for you?

So, now that we have understood the main characteristics of the two Mesauda foundations, we are also able to understand which product is best suited to certain skin types.

MAGIC WAND is perfect for oily and combination skin, but also works on normal skin, especially if you want to achieve a matt, powdery effect. In contrast, THE SKIN is suitable for dry (and normal) skin as it is super moisturising and provides a very luminous glowy finish.

Remember to always combine them with the Face Primer most suitable for your skin type, so create a perfect combination and have a flawless final look!

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