The new brushes for perfect full face make-up

The new brushes for perfect full face makeup MESAUDA

Your make-up taken care of in every detail deserves accessories created for flawless performance with the right make-up brushes.

Renew your make-up accessory set with the new range of brushes from Mesauda, made from super soft, completely Cruelty Free materials and designed to stay with you for a long time.

20 brushes, 12 for face and lip make-up and 8 for eyes, with chrome-plated anti-corrosion copper ferrule and varnished birch wood handle. Discover them better to create professional quality full face make-up whenever you want.

Foundation brushes: the ideal accessory for every texture

The foundation brush must necessarily adapt to the texture of the product you prefer to use. That's why we have come up with a complete make-up brush line for face make-up. To apply loose or compact powder products, Classic Powder is the must-have powder brush. It fixes your make-up with a light, even finish and gentle coverage.

For excellent, blemish-proof coverage, Buffer Foundation is the right brush thanks to its flat profile: it ensures optimal application with both liquid and cream foundations. And if you prefer to use different foundations with different textures, choose Stippling Foundation: the dual-fibre brush perfect for blending liquid, cream or powder foundations.

When targeted application is required, FlatFoundation is the double-fibrefoundation brush that is a must for applying and blending liquid, cream and powder products.

Face make-up: the right brush makes all the difference

Correcting minor imperfections on the face is a precision job. With Buffer Concealer you can easily conceal shadows and marks around the eyes, thanks to the adjustable application of this brush for ConcealerGently tap your liquid or cream product until you get the coverage you want.

To conceal redness, your must-haves include the brush for Concealer Flat Concealer, with its compact shape designed to apply products with a creamy or liquid texture around the eyes.

When you want to redefine the shape of your face with professional contouring, choose Powder Contour, the contouringbrush with a defined profile and dense hair, essential for blending blush and Bronzing Powders. For targeted application, the contouring brush precision Cream Contour with dense bristles helps you create shadows and details that enhance facial features using cream products.

When you need a precise application on the corners of the face, Tapered Highlighter will be perfect for highlighting the cupid's bow, cheekbones and décolleté. Ideal with Highlighters thanks to its tapered shape and dense hair for high accuracy.

Achieving a natural, even finish with Highlighters, blush and Bronzing Powders is easy with the Blurring Fan brush: a multifunctional tool to spread each powder product evenly.

Have fun maximising the effect of your blush with AngledBrush, the angledblush brush designed to enhance cheekbones with blushers and Bronzing Powders in loose or compact powder. So you can achieve a light finish and flawless coverage, giving your face a fresher, healthier look.

Definition and intensity for eyebrow make-up

Your brow line will have a new look with the right accessory. Brow Definer is the brush you need for defined brows, for use with both cream and powder products. With this brush you can intensify the shape of your brow arch and create fine, precise strokes for an ultra-natural result.

Eye make-up done in every detail

Our eye make-up brush range is designed to highlight this important part of your face and create a complete make-up with the products you love. For targeted application, Large Eye Shader is the eye shadow brush designed for even application of cream and powder eye shadows.

The colour of your compact or powder eyeshadow will be evened out with Medium Eye Shader: the brush from medium eye shadow, ideal for applying and blending.

When it comes to blending colour on the eyelids, the wow effect is guaranteed with the allies designed for your look. Tapered Eye Blender is the soft, tapered brush designed for evenly blending powder, compact and cream eyeshadows. Flat Eye Blender is the flat blending eye shadow brush that evenly distributes compact and powder eyeshadows. Pencil Eye Shader, with its elongated shape, ensures precise blending along the rim and is also perfect as a brush for Highlighter, when you want to create a highlight in the corner of the eye.

To blend eye shadows and pencils precisely along the lash line, choose Small Eye Shader: it is small and round, designed especially for eyeliners and eye shadows. A must-have ally for perfect smokey eyes.
For those who like intense looks, Eyeliner Definer creates fine lines thanks to its angled shape with both liquid and cream products.

New lip shape

Redesigning and giving a perfect look to your lips is now within everyone's reach with Lip Contour, the versatile brush that helps you outline your lips and add colour in an easy and controlled way thanks to its compact shape.

Give your make-up a twist with our accessories. You can find them all in our online shop .

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