The ideal foundations for oily skin make-up

The ideal foundations for making up oily skin MESAUDA

Choosing the perfect foundation for oily skin is not easy. Here are a few tips for you!

In everyday life, several factors can influence the elasticity and appearance of the face. Lifestyle and diet play an important role. But that's not all. If you have oily skin, you know that not all products are equally effective and that blemishes and imperfections can result from a poor beauty routine. This is why choosing a foundation for oily skin that performs well and is effective is essential!

Let's take a look at what to do with your face and how to choose the ideal foundation for oily skin make-up.

Oily skin: getting to know it better

Skin is defined as oily when there is excess sebum and shine, sometimes accompanied by more or less obvious imperfections. Sound familiar? Effective care of oily skin requires dedicated skin care.
In particular, aimed at reducing imperfections and making the skin radiant with an even complexion. Start by carefully cleansing your face with a balancing cleanser and apply a mattifying cream.

Once you have completed these steps, apply your make-up to your face, making sure you only use products that are suitable for your skin type. Check out our tips on on how to apply make-up to oily skin.

How to homogenise the complexion

Choosing the best foundation for oily skin requires a little bit of analysis before buying the right product. In the meantime, take a look at our tips for choosing a foundation for combination skin on our article for some more ideas on how to go about it.

A very effective solution for a flawless and resistant make-up base, even on skin with excess sebum, is to apply a long-lasting liquid foundation.

Liquid SilkFoundation is a foundation for oily skin with a fluid consistency, mattifying properties and a soft texture.
This product provides evenness and a powdery effect for several hours of the day, ensuring excellent adhesion to the skin and a flawless long-lasting effect.

If you prefer a liquid foundation with excellent coverage that is very easy to apply, Perfect Skin Foundation will be your faithful companion in creating a perfect make-up base.
Ideal for its ultra-fine and delicately satin finish, thanks to the pigments that adhere immediately to the face, it creates a filler effect that minimises fine lines and mattifies areas with visible shine.

This foundation for oily skin will allow you to even out your complexion and the fluid texture will remain soft and smooth on the skin even as the product dries once applied.

Minimise minor blemishes with the right foundation for oily skin

If your face has imperfections such as pimples or enlarged pores, a high-coverage foundation will allow you to make your complexion even and perfectly smooth, minimising any small imperfections.

We recommend using a oily skin foundation stick, as this format allows you to easily adjust the coverage during application and achieve greater effectiveness where it is needed.

Cover Stick Foundation is a foundation stick with a creamy, adjustable and versatile texture. To apply, simply draw two lines of colour on each part of the face and blend them in with a foundation brush until the application is complete.

Convenience and comfort are at your fingertips with the foundation foroily skin with adjustable coverage powder Skin Veil. This long-lasting compact foundation gives the skin a luminous effect. Its formulation contains an innovative mix of powders that allows it to be used both wet and dry, so it provides a smooth and firmed appearance on both dry and wet skin. The extremely light powder adheres to wet skin and releases hyaluronic acid, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines on the face.

Treat yourself to moments of pure beauty with products that are ideal for your skin. Let yourself be captivated by our foundations!

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