Summer make-up base: a light result for a natural effect

Summer makeup base: a light result for a natural effect MESAUDA

Light, protective and practical: this is what your ideal summer make-up base should look like.

With the arrival of summer and warm weather, it's time to think about our beauty case. Each season has its own beauty routine, and as the weeks go by our skin changes and has different needs. This is why make-up becomes lighter and lighter in the warmer months, and the summer make-up base consists of just afew simple but high-performance products.

Let's start with some tips for your summer make-up base

In order to achieve a natural yet high-performance summer base, we must remember that the skin sweats more during this time and is constantly exposed to the sun and humidity. This is why it is important to choose make-up that is not too heavy, that affects skin sweating or that runs easily.

In short, the watchword for our summer will be lightness. Always choose products that don't weigh your skin down, leaving it free and fresh all day long. But always remember that "lightness does not mean superficiality", and this rule also applies when it comes to make-up and skin care. Always protect your skin, especially as the heat and UV rays are much more aggressive in summer.

This is why we suggest always applying a base cream and a cream with a sun protection factor. Then we can go ahead and choose the most suitable products for our needs. Let's see them together...

Face primer

Considered the "secret ingredient" of many make-up artists, the face primer has become the ally of many people for creating the perfect make-up base. It is a very useful product, to be applied before foundation (if you choose a BB Cream, no primer is needed) to even out the skin and prepare it for make-up.

For your summer make-up base, we recommend choosing a light, silicone-free product. Foroily and combination skin, the ideal product is Mesauda's Shine Free primer: a fresh, flowing gel that gives the skin a smooth, matte finish. The gel-to-powder texture transforms into an invisible, smoothing and elastic veil once applied to the skin. Thanks to its water-based formula, it releases a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin. The result is immediate: soft and silky skin, shine cancelled and corrected.

If you have normal or dry skin, try the Oil Foil, the primer in an oil-free texture, instantly penetrates the skin providing deep hydration, reducing fine lines and pores and giving a visibly younger, more rested appearance. It gives the skin a natural glow without leaving it feeling greasy or oily.

Concealer moisturising

The ideal Concealer make-up base for the summer is a light, moisturising product that does not weigh the skin down but (naturally) has to cover and correct all our imperfections.

Pro Light Concealer is the fluid Concealer with high moisturising power. The texture has the characteristics of a mineral product with a calibrated powderiness and a covering, protective, elastic and filling film. Thanks to its smoothness, it adheres perfectly and corrects imperfections.

Lightweight foundation with SPF

The ideal foundation for the summer season should be super light and fresh. Its purpose is to cover and correct the skin, but it should not be too heavy.

The Skin by Mesauda is a fluid foundation with a luminous finish and an ultra-light texture that allows medium to high coverage thanks to the possibility of modulating it to obtain the desired effect. Thanks to its formulation, with a high water content, it is particularly suitable for normal and dry skin (even mature).

The plus of The Skin is also the presence of the sun protection factor - SPF 15. It protects the dermis from UV rays all year round and helps to counteract premature skin ageing and the appearance of sun spots.

And of course, don't forget to fix your foundation with Powder . If you have combination or oily skin, the Powder most suitable for you is Celestial Veil Invisible, which contains Silica, with its sebum-absorbing properties. For normal to dry skin, we recommend Celestial Veil Translucent, which is delicately toned and contains Mica, which has adherent and moisturising properties.

BB Cream

The BB Cream combines the moisturising properties of a cream with the aesthetic properties of a foundation and is the ideal solution for hot days. The tinted cream will keep your skin moisturised at all times while evening out, enhancing and perfecting your complexion and minimising minor imperfections. Obviously, its coverage is less than that of a foundation, which is why the product is recommended for those who do not have serious imperfections or discolourations to cover.

La BB Beauty Balm by Mesauda is theall-in-one productfor complete and quick make-up, ideal for those who preferlight and imperceptible coverage. In a single gesture it moisturizes and smoothes all skin types and gives uniformity to the complexion, making the skin soft and supple.

Blush sticks

Ideal for creating a bonne mine effect and adding an extra touch to your tan, blush is pink in summer! For tanned skin, bright colours are ideal, especially in shades of peach, while for all other types, we recommend a more delicate pink.

Cheek Kiss is the multi-purpose blush stick. The soft and creamy "cream to powder" texture makes it ultra blendable and layered. Enriched with Jojoba oil and Candelilla wax, it gives the face a natural radiance and healthy complexion, for a "dewy and healthy" effect.

Super practical, in its stick format, it is applied directly to the cheekbones and blended with the fingertips to modulate the intensity of the colour.


We continue with another stick product, more functional for the summer and especially easy to use for a quick touch-up when you are out and about.

Glow stick is theHighlighter with asparkling finish. The formula is light, creamy and easy to blend. Thanks to Jojoba oil, it blends into the skin and revives the complexion in a natural way. The practical stick format allows you to define the features in a simple yet precise way.

Refreshing spray

Now that we have completed our summer make-up base, we would like to give you a little bonus: the refreshing spray, which will become your best ally for brightening up your make-up.

Mist N'Glow is the finest make-up refresher with extracts of chamomile, calendula and rosewater, ideal for refreshing and soothing even the most sensitive skin. When used during the day on a made-up face, its revitalising action makes make-up appear brighter, as if it had just been made.

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