Siren Eyes, the mermaid makeup trend tutorial that is all the rage on social media

Siren Eyes, the mermaid makeup trend tutorial that is all the rage on social media MESAUDA
Intense, sophisticated, seductive: this is the Siren Eyes trend that has been all the rage on major social media, perfect for emphasizing the eyes, lengthening the line of the eyes, even the roundest ones.
 A make-up that is not exactly unknown but hallowed by GenZ on TikTok and to which it owes its fame but, above all, because it is a "democratic" make-up. That's right, democratic because it suits virtually any type of eye, from small to large, from hooded to more prominent. It is rare for a makeup to be, so to speak, universal, because there are often eye types that are excluded from certain trends or, at any rate, not particularly enhanced.
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The effect is that of an outwardly elongated eye that, however, unlike other types of eyeliner or make-up that elongate the eye, remains horizontal. This is precisely the main feature of the Siren Eyes technique, to create an eyeliner that remains rather horizontal, rising just slightly to give a lifted effect. Be careful though, although similar in appearance, this is a different makeup than Foxy Eyes. The idea is to recreate the effect of a slightly ajar eye, peering mysteriously.
To make the basic version of Siren Eyes-there are numerous reinterpretations on the theme involving graffiti, applications of glitter, beads but also whimsy in the choice of colors-a black pencil, a rather small pen brush for blending it accurately, an angled brush, a Highlighter and, of course, mascara. You start by drawing a not-too-thick line along the lashline, also coloring between the lashes, but leaving the central part of the eye free.
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At this point, extend the pencil line outward, bringing it more or less to the level of the crease of the eye, but trying to keep the line horizontal. It is necessary to avoid slanting it upward or following the lower lashline, trying rather to create, with the eye open, a horizontal line. Clearly, the more the pencil moves outward, the thinner the line should be, so if you are afraid of making a mistake, stop a little early and use the small, angled brush to get a sharp, precise pigtail.
Then blur the pencil to avoid making the edge too sharp and make a kind of blended eyeliner , fixing the cream product with a black eye shadow and further intensifying the lashline. Make a highlight in the inner corner of the eye and in the center, where the pencil was not used, and finish the Siren Eyes make-up with a 'generous dose of mascara or , alternatively, with false eyelashes, but only in the outer corner, to further accentuate the elongated effect of the eye.
The absolute video that has made the Siren Eyes trend so popular and imitated is that of Makeup Artist Danielle Marcan, who literally transforms her round eyes - with make-up, in fact - giving them an elongated and sensual effect thanks to a mermaid-inspired eyeliner. The make-up artist uses only a very soft pencil with which she creates this blended horizontal eyeliner, drawing a blurred line even above the eyelid crease and under the eye, leaving the central part free and applying just a touch of Highlighter, even in the inner corner.

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