Powder free powder: what it is, how to use it and a product to try out

Powder Free powder: what it is, how to use it, and a product to try MESAUDA

Ever heard of Powder free powder? Let's find out what it is and how best to apply it.

Depending on your skin type and the effect you want to achieve, you can choose from different product variants: the Powder translucent, white but transparent, the Powder corrective coloured, the Highlighter or the one combined with a foundation, the Powder powder, the compact or the baked one. Let's discover all the advantages of using Powder, see what it is and how to use the free powder Powder , and present a top product.

Why use the Powder

It is therefore clear that the roles played by this cosmetic are numerous and different, depending on the needs and type of skin. For example, it can be used for togive radiance and freshness to make-up. In this case it is applied to the T-zone of the face (chin, nose and forehead), after the make-up base has already been applied. Alternatively, it can be used to mattify and tomake completely uniform the skin. In this case, however, it is applied all over the face, while the base is being applied. It is an essential cosmetic especially for those with oily skin or mixed skin, for young skin with shine problems, capable of fixing make-up and mattifying the face.

What is Powder free powder and how to use it?

The Powder free powder provides a light coverage that fixes the make-up and makes it look more natural. It gives the face an even appearance, eliminates the annoying shiny effect and considerably increases the duration of the make-up throughout the day. To apply it, you can use either the brush or the wet sponge. In the first case, a small amount of product is captured with the brush and a light dusting of Powder is applied all over the face, for a light effect; in the second case, after applying Powder with the brush, the most critical areas can be dabbed with a wet sponge. This gives greater coverage and more effective fixing.

CELESTIAL VEIL: Free Fixing Powder by Mesauda

Mesauda offers you a new product: Celestial Veilfree fixing powder. Thanks to its ultra-sensorial, weightless and transparent texture, it vanishes as soon as it is applied. The presence of silicone texturizers also gives a silky touch to the skin and evens out the complexion. Impalpable, ethereal and silky: it fixes make-up, making the face smooth, cared for and perfectly matt for a long time. Ideal even for the driest and most sensitive skins. It is very easy to apply: using a brush, after having created the desired make-up, apply a small amount of product. Make circular movements, starting in the central areas of the face and blending towards the contours. To find out more, here 8 valuable tips on the application of Powder: before or after foundation, in which areas of the face, on which skin types, which colour and the right amount.

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