Play with shapes and colours and create a super rebellious look with the new REBEL pencils

Play with shapes and colors and create a super rebellious look with the new REBEL MESAUDA pencils.

Today we're talking about the new autumn trends and introducing the brand new REBELEYES eye pencils: waterproof, super writing and with intense colours, they will be your new allies!

It's time to think about our beauty looks for this autumn. Whether you love over-the-top or minimal make-up, the secret to a successful look is the right products! And this year it will be impossible to do without face primer, foundation and waterproof eye pencils.

The make-up base is the foundation of our look: it has to be strong but at the same time it has to blend perfectly with our complexion so as not to create that horrible "mask effect". The secret to giving our make-up character is to focus on the eyes. The pencil is the secret weapon that we all have in our make-up bags and that we never part with, and this year it is back in the spotlight with many different uses.

Eye make-up trends 2021-22

Also due to the constant use of a mask, lips should be super moisturised and soft. If you really can't do without lipsticks, go for nude shades and choose the one that suits you best according to your skin tone.

As far as the eyes are concerned, the watchword is DARE!

In short, the focus of make-up for the coming cold season is eyes. Framed by lots of black and grey, smokey eyes and halo make-up are the stars. There is also no shortage of graphic looks and extreme precision, based on eyeliner, eye pencils and eye shadows that are as black as they are super pop.

And to achieve these looks, it is essential to have the right allies. So go for eye shadows, eyeliners and eye pencils. The latter, above all, lend themselves to many different uses according to need and personal taste.

Which pencil to choose?

So what is the right eye pencil for us? Let's find out together...

Indispensable allies in our make-up, pencils are the ultimate must-have. They can be automatic or sharpenable, and the latter can be made of wood or plastic. Wooden pencils have a soft and highly blendable texture, and are particularly suitable for the outer corner of the eye. Plastic eye pencils, on the other hand, have a more resistant texture and high writing power, which is why they can be used both on the outside, as a substitute for classic eyeliner, and on the inside of the eye.

REBEL Eyes: the new eye pencils by Mesauda

Mesauda's latest novelty is called REBEL, and is a line comprising 8 eye pencils and 12 waterproof lip pencils, with a strong stroke and full colour release, designed for all those who want to push the boundaries and rewrite their rules.

REBELEYES are characterised by a full and immediate colour release. The high concentration of pure pigments allows for high writing power and a long-lasting line, for up to 14 hours. Thanks to their super-durable formula and rich colours, they will help you create make-up of all kinds.

Choose the shade you prefer or that best matches your colours (complexion, hair, eyes...) and have fun creating different looks every day. Let's find out together which colours are best suited to our characteristics and the final effect we want to achieve...

  • Black or grey pencil: dark colours are used to define the eye and slightly reduce its size. We recommend the colours 101 Spider and 102 Fossil from the RebelEyes range;
  • Brown pencil: this is a colour that suits everyone, as it recalls the natural colours of Bronzing Powder. In particular, it looks great on blond hair and fair skin: try RebelEyes no. 103 Bear;
  • Burgundy and purple pencils: colours ranging in red and purple are ideal for graphic make-up, but are also among the most popular for upside-down make-up: try the Rebel pencils 104 Spice and 107 Mulberry;
  • Nude pencil: again, the light colour is used to give light. The pencil 105 Cotton, for example, can be used to illuminate the brow bone and the hollow of the eye;
  • Green pencil: an ally of brown and green eyes, you can find it in many different shades, but it is the dark and intense greens, such as our 106 Seaweed, that are the most popular because they give depth to the eyes;
  • Blue pencil: ideal for brown and blue eyes, can be used either alone or with eyeshadows to create contrast. Try our amazing colour 108 Lapis.

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