Nude lipsticks: our tips for choosing the perfect shade for you

Nude lipsticks: here are our tips for choosing the perfect shade for you MESAUDA

Not all nude lipsticks are the same! There is a perfect shade for every complexion. What's yours? Let's find out together...

It's a colour that can't be missed in our beauty cases, an all-rounder for so many looks that can "save" us from indecision. nude is a real must-have when it comes to make-up, although choosing the right shade is not always easy. Here, then, is a little guide on onhow to find theperfectnude lipsticks for you.

Nude is not a universal colour

Let's start with this basic notion, which is not as obvious as it might seem! The term nude was created to identify the 'flesh colour', but until recently was used to identify Caucasian flesh colour. A not very (or not at all) inclusive concept, which did not take into account the different skin tones.

In the last few years nude has become a must-have, in beauty as well as in the fashion system, even leading to a debate on a hypothetical racist issue behind this nomenclature. Shoe king Christian Louboutin has even expanded his nude shoe line with new shades.

In short, nude is more of a concept than a colour! And this also applies when we talk about make-up and nude lipsticks.

How to find the perfect shade

You choose a nude lipstick depending on your complexion and the type of effect you want to achieve. We can choose a tone on tone with our skin for a very sophisticated effect, or opt for a slightly pinker colour for a more angelic look.

Actually, the range of nude lipsticks is potentially infinite because skin and lip tones are infinite.

It is precisely on the basis of our skin, or rather on the basis of undertones, that we can identify the shades most suitable for us:

  • For very dark complexions, a touch of burgundy or perhaps mahogany are the most suitable choice, while dark skin is enhanced by caramel tones or mauve.
  • To emphasise a medium skin tone (olive or Mediterranean) go for warm colours: all shades of brown, even with a hint of orange.
  • Let's move on to light skin, which stands out perfectly with a subtle shade of pink. However, always remember to create a contrast (even a minimal one) with the skin: the lips must stand out and not "blend in" completely with the face.

Nude lip pencils and lipsticks

Now that we have identified which nude lipstick colours work best with our skin, let's move on to some practical advice on products to use.

For very dark complexions, we recommend our iconic CULT Creamy in the colours 108 Classic and 114 Muse. For even stronger make-up, define your lips with REBELIPS no. 108 Quartz and 112 Orchid.


If you have a dark complexion, however, combine CULT Creamy 107 Whisper with REBELIPS 103 Blush. Alternatively, try CULT Creamy 105 Star with REBELIPS 104 Seashell.


For Mediterranean beauties with a medium complexion, CULT Creamy 102 Prince and REBELIPS 105 Skin are ideal. Staying with warm colours, we also recommend CULT Creamy 103 Idol Nude and 104 Chic.


Finally, we conclude with a touch of pink, ideal for lighter complexions. The ideal choice would be CULT Creamy 109 Luscious with the REBELIPS 106 Auburn pencil. But if you prefer a more angelic final effect, try CULT Creamy 111 Top.


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