Not a lipstick, but almost! Discover the tinted lip balm Lip Cocoon

It's not a lipstick, but almost! Discover MESAUDA's Lip Cocoon tinted lip balm.

Do you want super glam lip make-up without sacrificing moisture? The ideal solution is a coloured lip balm.

Halfway between a lipstick and a simple lip balm, the coloured lip balm is the ideal ally to create simple and sophisticated looks, without forgetting the care of our lips. These special lip balms give colour and hydration to the lips, making them soft and shiny in just one stroke.

This is a very useful product, appreciated both for its 'healing' and purely aesthetic characteristics. Yes, because a good tinted lip balm will keep your lips soft and moisturised, without annoying and unsightly cracking. In addition, it will add a touch of colour to your make-up for anatural effect , and is ideal for lovers of light make-up and for quick and easy touch-ups, without the need for a mirror or the help of a lip pencil.

Add to this a pleasant fruity aroma and you have found the perfect product for your make-up. Let's find out how to use lip balm and what tips to follow...

The beauty routine for permanently soft lips

The first step in caring for your lips and making them extra soft is to regularly apply agentle scrub. This procedure is very useful for eliminating cracks and evening out the surface of the lips.

You can scrub with a specific product or with a gentle brush two or three times a week.

Scrubbing has the advantage not only of facilitating the removal of chapped parts, but also of improving blood microcirculation and cell renewal.

Colour and softness with tinted lip balm

Once you have restored all the softness to your lips , you can moisturise them by applying a lip balm: this way your lips will achieve maximum hydration.

In addition, as mentioned above, the tinted lip balms create a pigmented veil on the lips and make them simultaneously moisturised and coloured thanks to their nutrients, for a pleasant caress that is felt for a long time and a light fragrance that will improve your day.

Lip Cocoon by Mesauda

And when it comes to colour, hydration and fruity aromas, we cannot fail to mention one of Mesauda's best sellers: Lip Cocoon.

It is a colourful and moisturising lip balm that, like a rich oil, glides on and blends pleasantly on the lips. Thanks to its nourishing active ingredients and the softness of its texture, you will want to apply it endlessly!

Available in 5 colours, you can match them to any of your looks and even your mood of the day.

To focus attention on eye make-up, you can choose Coco Boom, a lip balm with a delicate nude caramel colour and fresh coconut scent, with medium coverage. Also, VanillaMe is a natural pink, low coverage lip balm with a vanilla aroma.

For a more impactful look, you can try Apri Cute, in a fiery red medium coverage colour with an apricot aroma, and StrawberryYummy, in a bright fuchsia colour with a strawberry fragrance. Finally, Berry Kiss, is a low coverage lip balm in dark purple with an unmistakable blackberry scent.

Try all our Lip Cocoon Lip Cocoons on our website and let us know which is your favourite.

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