Never again without... make-up fixers for summer-proof make-up!

Never again without... makeup fixers for summer-proof make-up! MESAUDA

Runny make-up will be just a bad memory with innovative make-up fixers, sprays that fix and refresh our make-up.

Smart, practical and indispensable for flawless make-up. Make-up fixers are products you can rely on if you need to have aperfect make-up for many hours.

In the summer months they become a must-have: when the heat puts your make-up to the test, you need to keep it fresh for many hours. They are also a great help when doing sport to prevent make-up from melting in the sweat.

What are make-up fixers and how are they used?

The name speaks for itself, make-up fixers are cosmetic products which serve to fix make-up and increase its duration. Available on the market in various formulations and with different ingredients, they are always in spray format.

They can be used in different ways:

  • After make-up, as a make-up fix, they even out the result and make it less powdery, for a fresh and natural effect.
  • As a make -up brightener to restore radiance and correct make-up.

Spray directly onto the skin at least 20 cm from the face and always after shaking the packet well. The spray should be sprayed all over the face in an X or T movement and with no more than 3-4 sprays.

Drying is instantaneous and (obviously) does not risk ruining your make-up. The duration of the results, on the other hand, can vary from 6 to 12 hours depending on the type of product.

One of the positive aspects of fixers is therefore theirease of use . It only takes a few seconds to apply: when the make-up is complete, simply spray the fixer all over the face. It's child's play!

Fix Me Up by Mesauda

A good make-up fixing product must have a non-aggressive formula for the skin. Another essential feature is duration: a quality spray should guarantee 6 to 12 hours of make-up hold.

The dispenser must spray the lotion with fine texture, then atomise the product to prevent white spots remaining on the face after make-up. It must not dissolve the make-up, ensuring a natural and super-bright result.

Finally, a quality make-up fixer must treat the skin with delicacy. This is why it is always advisable to choose lotions that fix make-up but at the same time moisturise and nourish the skin.

Fix Me Up! by Mesauda is the make-up fixing spray that creates a thin protective film on the skin and fixes make-up all day long without altering it. Invisible and imperceptible, thanks to its formula with cosmetic alcohol, it evaporates quickly without ever being sticky.

Gentle on the skin thanks to Camomile extracts, it ensures a strong and long-lasting hold without leaving any residue.

Not only fixers, make-up also needs a refresh!

Make-up fixers, as we have just seen, are indispensable allies for our make-up, and can be accompanied by another type of spray, ideal for refreshing make-up. We are talking about revitalising and refreshing sprays.

Mist N' Glow by Mesauda is the very fine make-up refresher based on extracts of Chamomile, Calendula and Rose water, ideal for refreshing and soothing even the most sensitive skin. If used during the day on a made-up face, its revitalising action makes make-up appear brighter, as if it had just been made.

It vaporises extra fine, so fine that you hardly notice the spray, and it dries immediately without leaving those unsightly 'droplets' and giving a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin.

It can be sprayed on the face several times a day without creating a heavy, sticky feeling on the skin.

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