Matte or shiny lipsticks? Choose the right finish for you

Matte or shiny lipsticks? Choose the right finish for you MESAUDA

Choosing lipstick is the key to super glam lips! But what is the most suitable finish for each of us? Let's find out together.

Not all lipsticks are the same! Choosing the right formula and finish is crucial for perfect lip make-up. And when it comes to matte or shiny lipsticks, we're not just talking about personal taste, but also aesthetic requirements. Each finish also has a final effect that can enhance certain types of lips and contribute to the creation of a certain make-up.

In general, shiny lipsticks brighten the lower face, chin and jaws and make even the thinnest lips appear more voluminous. On the other hand, matt lipsticks make the jaws less noticeable and the lips less plump and striking.

Matte lipstick: when to choose?

Bold and super sophisticated, the matt lipstick is renowned for its intense colour and ultra-matte texture. It is the ideal choice for those who want to emphasise their lips in a strong and bold way. In contrast to a shiny lipstick, it sets on the lips for a shimmer-free matte effect and long life. It is certainly an elegant product and suitable for special occasions, but it should be pointed out that it tends to shrink the lips and is therefore not recommended for those with very thin lips.

Hyper-pigmented, it sometimes has an excessively dry texture which makes it undesirable for those with dry or chapped lips. This is why you should scrub your lips and make sure they are well moisturised before applying it.

Our new lipsticks CULT Matte are the ideal solution because they have a matte finish but do not dry out the lips thanks to their soft texture that sculpts and smoothes the lips, guaranteeing pure colour and unprecedented three-dimensionality.

Thanks to the special ingredients in the formula, lips appear nourished, plumped and enveloped in extreme matte colour. Emollient waxes give structure to the texture and allow full, even colour release, while oils repair, reshape and soothe damaged skin, stimulating cell proliferation and the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Shiny lipstick: a few tips

Creamy and shiny, glossy lipstick has some advantages and disadvantages: it is very easy to apply, does not create dryness and can be suitable for both daytime and evening looks, but sometimes lasts less than matte lipsticks and needs retouching.

If you have thin lips, glossy lipstick is still the ideal choice to give your lips more volume. To avoid the smudging effect (which is often just around the corner), we recommend defining the lips with a pencil, outlining the contours and corners of the mouth, and then applying the lipstick.

Our waterproof, long-lasting lip pencils REBELIPSOur waterproof, long-lasting pencils offer the right balance of creaminess and texture and are the ideal choice for defining the lip contour and enhancing lipstick performance. To find out which combination is perfect have a look at our article!

If you love a brilliant finish, the CULT Creamy will be your best allies. Creamy, melting and with an intense shine, they envelop the lips in full, bright and even colours. The smooth, emollient texture contains extra-glossy polymers with a high refractive index and a pleasant sensation of long-lasting comfort.

In short, whether matte or brilliant... the important thing is that it is a CULT!

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