Mascara: history and trivia, everything you need to know about this product

Mascara: between history and curiosity, everything you need to know about this MESAUDA product

Think you know everything about mascara? Here are some interesting facts that (perhaps) you didn't know...

Let's find out more about a cosmetic capable of enhancing and bringing out the best in your eyes, making your eyes the absolute protagonists of your face. Which product are we talking about? Obviously mascara! Another make-up must-have that is a must-have in a woman's beauty case. Here are 7 interesting facts about mascara.

7 things you (may) not know about mascara

  1. Rimmel or mascara? The first lengthening mascara in history was invented in 1860 by Eugene Rimmel, a perfumer who revolutionised the world of cosmetics. Rimmel mascaras were born, products that were so successful that the name became synonymous with the word "mascara" for most people.
  2. How Maybelline was born. The story of Maybelline is also very interesting: the chemist Thomas, brother of Maybel Williams, in order to help the girl win her lover, made a product that would enhance her eyes by mixing Vaseline and charcoal powder.
  3. Thecake mascara. The ancestor of the mascara as we know it today is called cake mascara: it comes in the form of a box consisting of a wafer of product and an applicator with a small brush, through which the product is distributed on the lashes.
  4. Thewaterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara was invented in 1938, thanks to the idea of a Viennese actress who was looking for a solution to prevent the stage lights from making the product drip onto her face.
  5. Where the name mascara comes from. The term mascara is derived from the Italian 'maschera', which in turn is probably derived from the Arabic 'maschara', meaning antics, a joke.
  6. Do men use mascara? The answer is yes. Men also use mascara, usually transparent, brown or black. Very often, television stars are made up with this product.
  7. The world's most expensive mascara. The price of the world's most expensive mascara is $14 million: a product by H Couture Beauty, which owes its being so expensive to its packaging, as it features 1000 18-carat diamonds.

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