Stylo lipsticks: lip make-up is no-transfer but with a vintage touch

Stylo lipsticks: lip make-up is no-transfer but with a vintage touch MESAUDA

Contemporary trends and vintage style come together to create the iconic stylo matte lipsticks. Here are their features...

If we asked you what beauty product you had to give up (almost completely) in recent months, what would be your answer? We bet you would think of lipstick. The best friend of our lips has unfortunately been sidelined because of masks. But don't worry, there is a solution: matte stylo lipsticks with a no-transfer and long-lasting formula!

Super convenient and practical, stylo lipsticks are a must-have item in our handbags, allowing super-quick touch-ups at any time of day. And if we combine practicality with performance, we have definitely found our new best make-up ally!

The new matte stylo lipsticks by Bohemian Glam Collection by Mesauda are, in fact, a real innovation because they combine everything we look for in a lip product: ease of application, intense colour and long life.

Soft, durable and with a rich colour release, they come in super stylish packaging with a vintage feel, combining glamour with bohemian style.

Let's find out which colours are...

CAFÈ: this is an enveloping peach rose colour, very delicate and perfect for a simple but sophisticated look. Its name is inspired by the Parisian cafés where bohemian artists and intellectuals met.

MIMÌ: The second lipstick in the collection is an elegant mauve colour, cooler but still very delicate on the lips. In this case the name is borrowed from Puccini's opera La Bohème, whose protagonist is called Mimì.

PARIS: Finally we have the classic of classics, a cardinal red lipstick, the symbol of passion. Its name, of course, recalls the French capital which was the cradle of the bohemian movement and whose places have inspired so many intellectuals.


Their special feature is the innovative no-transfer formula that combines the comfort of cream lipsticks with the resistance of lip colours. From the very first application the colour is full, opaque and even, and the finish is matte. Once dried, the product is opaque, does not smudge and does not leave marks, but above all is water-resistant and lasts up to 10 hours.

The formula is also enriched with CAPUAÇU BUTTER: derived from the seeds of the Amazonian Capuaçu tree, a tree of the Malvaceae family. In Spanish it is also called cacao blanco, or white cacao, because the product actually looks like white chocolate. It has a high content of phytosterols with a repairing and nourishing action on dry and damaged lips, and polyphenols that help combat free radicals.

For an optimal result, define the lips with a pencil before applying lipstick. 

For the CAFÉ lipstick we recommend the REBELIPS 101 Taffy pencil.

The MIMÌ lipstick, on the other hand, goes perfectly with the REBELIPS 108 Quartz and 109 Currant, or the ARTIST LIPS 108 Plum and 109 Wine.

Finally, PARIS can be used together with REBELIPS 111 Jam or ARTIST LIPS 111 Cherry.

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