Lip pencil: under the mask, the secret is a no-transfer make-up

Lip pencil: under the mask, the secret is a no-transfer makeup MESAUDA

No mistakes or smudging with the right waterproof lip pencil. With a few little tricks and the right product, your make-up will be super strong!

The mask does not stop our desire for colour! Let's focus on the eyes, but don't forget our lips, which must always be looked after. The secret is a resistant make-up that doesn't leave marks on the mask or our face, and the secret weapon is a waterproof, no-transfer lip pencil.

What better time, then, to try out Mesauda's brand new lip pencils?

We are talking about the REBELIPSthe waterproof lip pencils that break the rules of durability for a rebellious and flawless make-up.

How to choose the right pencil?

In make-up there are rules to follow... and to break!

When choosing the perfect lip pencil for you, always remember to follow the advice of the experts, but also combine it with your own personal taste. Obviously, the right colour depends on the occasion and the make-up you want to achieve: the strongest colours, such as red and fuchsia, are ideal for flashy looks, burgundy is ideal for the evening, while pinks and nudes are ideal for more delicate make-ups.

And speaking of nudes, there are so many shades to choose from! In this case, it is essential to choose the shade that goes best with your complexion.

Many people think that nude is a "universal" colour... Nothing could be further from the truth, because it is a colour that varies according to the skin tone of each of us. From burgundy to peach, caramel, orange tones and shades of pink, there is something for everyone! All you have to do is choose the one that stands out on your skin and highlights your lips.

How to apply the pencil?

The waterproof lip pencil is an extremely versatile product that is mainly used for the purpose of defining or enlarging the lip contour.

Defining the lip contour simply means following the natural line of your lips and emphasising it before applying lipstick colour. But if we want to achieve a plump, volumised effect, we can go a few millimetres beyond the natural contour of the mouth to make the lips appear larger. This is the famous 'plumping' technique.overlining.

This trick is very popular with celebrities, who appreciate its ease and success. And many even call it a good substitute for lip filler!

REBELIPS: the new waterproof lip pencils by Mesauda

REBELIPS are sharpenable plastic pencils, designed to create high-impact, long-lasting make-up. Ideal for the lip contour, they hold the lipstick in place for longer, but can also be used to colour the inside of the lips.

The secret lies in their innovative formulation and soft, gliding texture. In just one stroke they offer the right balance of creaminess and texture, with a full colour release. The finish is matt and the colour is intense and even. Lips are drawn to perfection, without smudging, for a rebellious yet comfortable look.

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