Lip pencil: turn your make-up into a masterpiece with the new Artist Lips

Lip pencil: turn your make-up into a masterpiece with the new MESAUDA Artist Lips

"Be the artist and the art" with your new ally, the Artist lip pencil by Mesauda. Let's find out what's new...

Easy to use and practical for quick touch-ups. It emphasises the lipstick and the shape of the mouth. We are talking about the lip pencil, unbeatable ally for giving colour and definition to our lip make-up.

Sometimes underestimated and replaced by lipsticks, lip pencils actually play a key role in the success of make-up. They refine and redesign the lip contour, ensure lipstick stays on longer and add volume. It is also worth remembering that a pencil can replace a lipstick, but not vice versa!

Now that we have reviewed the uses of lip pencils, let's take a closer look at which colours to choose and how to improve the hold of our make-up.

It's all about... colour!

In order to choose the right shade of lip pencil (as well as other make-up products), you have to consider the colour of your complexion and whether it is better to opt for warm or cool shades.

For a perfect match, match the colour of your pencil to the colour of your chosen lipstick. Here are some useful tips.

  • Brown is an intense colour that looks good with brown hair and dark complexions. It is ideal if you want to lighten or minimise your fleshy mouth.
  • Orange is perfect for enhancing the volume of thin lips. It gives a luminous and sunny finish. The orange-coloured pencil helps to soften the contours of the face. Looks good on brunettes, blondes and redheads. Perfect to combine with green eye make-up.
  • Nude and light colours are used for very simple daytime make-up or corrective make-up. They can also be used as a base to make lipstick last longer.
  • Red is used to emphasise red lipstick and give extra volume to the lips.
  • Pink and fuchsia are often used by those with light to medium complexions, as they can provide a fresh but very lively look.

The colour of the pencil should also be chosen according to the shape of the mouth and the colour of the teeth. For example, if your lips are not perfectly symmetrical, you should use natural-coloured pencils, which are perfect for masking and correcting imperfections.

Artist Lips by Mesauda: precise stroke and soft texture

Mesauda has decided to expand its range of lip pencils with the brand new Artist line.

As the name suggests, the pencil is our faithful ally, enabling us to become true artists. With these new pencils, we can be artists and artisans at the same time, turning our make-up into a masterpiece.

Artist lip pencils, available in 12 different colours, have a precise stroke and are enriched with a mix of vegetable waxes with moisturising and nourishing properties. The texture is soft and comfortable, easily blendable and perfect as a base for lipstick.

Artist Lips can be used on all lips: alone for a sophisticated effect, or before lipstick to prolong the hold of the colour.

In short, make-up has never been so much fun and (it has to be said) artistic! Choose your favourite shade and turn yourself into an artist. BE THE ARTIST AND THE ART!

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