Brighten up your make-up with our tips and the palette from Highlighters WOW! GLOW

Light up your make-up with our tips and palette from Highlighters WOW! GLOW MESAUDA

For a radiant skin free of stress, greyness and fatigue, for a rested and ever-youthful appearance: here is at what facialHighlighter is for.

Let's find out what all its functions are, how to apply it and which are the strategic points for giving our make-up more radiance. And then... a few tips on how to use one of Mesauda's best sellers.

What is the ifacial illuminant?

TheHighlighter face is one of the cosmetics needed to create a perfect make-up base, capable ofenhancing our natural beauty . This product, in fact, creates ad hoc light points on the face, illuminates the complexion and gives a fresh and rested look.

The secret is thatHighlighter enhances the complexion by giving the skin a brighter, rosier glow and makes the cheekbones more prominent. No more dull or ageing skin, but brightness and naturalness, without creating a fake shiny effect.

How and where to apply it?

But where shouldHighlighter be applied? There are a few strategic points where this product should be applied to achieve the desired result: the cheekbones, the nose, the brow bone, the tear duct and the cupid's bow.

With the help of a specific brush (we recommend the tapered flame and fan brushes), start applying the cosmetic from the temples to the cheekbone at the top, as if drawing a C shape. This will also give you an immediate lifting effect that will highlight your cheeks. Then continue with the application on the nose, on theeyebrow arch, on the inner part of the eye to make the look more open, on the forehead and on thecupid's bow.

WOW! GLOW: the palette that will revolutionise your make-up

Wow!Glow is the palette from Highlighters in four colours, perfect for creating an infinite number of different looks and enhancing any complexion. Easy to blend, it features a hybrid cream-powder texture that blends seamlessly into the skin to deliver sophisticated, shimmering highlights to the face.

Its special feature is the Cream-flex complex that gives sensory appeal and creaminess, while pearls of different grain sizes create three-dimensional reflections.

ApplyHighlighter to the highlights of the face (cheekbones, cupid's bow, inner corner of the eye, back and tip of the nose) using the flame brush F07. You can also overlap several shades. Remember: If you want a subtle shimmer effect, applyHighlighter with a fan brush F10. If you want a more radiant effect, apply it directly with your fingers.

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