Lavish Bronze by Mesauda: the new collection for sun-kissed summer make-up

Lavish Bronze by Mesauda: the new collection for sun-kissed summer make-up MESAUDA

Exotic locations, golden beaches and lots of sun. Are you ready to discover the new Lavish Bronze collection for Summer 2021? Your summer makeup has never been so luminous.

We officially welcome summer with great news. Mesauda launches Lavish Bronze, an exclusive collection inspired by exotic places and featuring warm colours, bronze and golden shades, which will make your summer make-up unique.

Summer make-up isn't always easy to achieve because there are so many pitfalls: the heat and humidity put our beauty routine to the test and risk ruining it. But with a few little tricks, we're sure you'll be able to create a light and, above all, resistant summer make-up.

We have already talked about theperfect summer base at : to create it, remember to use only light and practical products that protect the skin without weighing it down. Once the base has been created, we can concentrate on eye and lip make-up, and perhaps add a little extra flair with some unusual products.

Curious to know what we have in mind for your summer make-up? Read on and be inspired by our collection...

Enhance your eyes with warm tones

Eye make-up for the summer is based on the typical colours of the sunset, golden beaches and exotic locations. Ranging from beige to brown, bronze and gold tones will light up your face with multi-faceted reflections and enhance your tan.

Start with a matte eyeshadow and then define and brighten with shimmer shades. The pigments catch and reflect the light and give you a super bright look. Metallic shades can also be applied to the centre of the eyelid for a 3D effect.

Lightweight lip gloss

In summer, lip make-up is light and natural. Here too, we can play with warm colours, but add a touch of shine. The ideal is an ultra-bright, non-sticky lipgloss, which makes your lips shine without weighing them down. And if you want to add a touch of colour, go for nude glosses with a high concentration of pigments, for full colour and lips that look voluminous and sexy.

Enhance your tan with a body oil

Tanned skin needs light, it needs to glow from morning until night! The ideal product to illuminate and nourish our skin in summer (but not only!) is a body oil Highlighter. A great trend of the 1970s and 1980s, it has returned to enliven our summer beauty homes, also used by the biggest celebrities in the world.

Its purpose is to make the skin smooth and silky, but above all to make it glow thanks to the concentration of shimmering micro particles, which capture and reflect the light. In this way, it is perfect not only for highlighting a tan but also for reviving a still pale complexion.

Lavish Bronze

Now that we have listed the main trends for this Summer 2021, we come to the new Mesauda collection: Lavish Bronze.

Inspired by the bronze and golden tones that illuminate the skin in the summer months, the collection evokes exotic, warm and lush locations, where Bronzing Powder is kissed by the sun and nature grows luxuriantly. A real journey of discovery to dream places, far from the daily chaos where we become one with nature.

The collection consists of three iconic products that will revolutionise your summer make-up, illuminating it with warm, embracing shades. Let's discover them all...

  • PALETTE Sun Tana: nine eye shadows with golden and bronze highlights that blend on the eyelids to create many different looks. Creamy textures with matt and shimmer effects combine with the intensity of warm, innovative shades for an incredibly luminous look.
  • LIP GLOSS On The Beach, Tropicana and Sunset Lover: three lip glosses with exceptional brilliance. The special polymers contained in the formulation guarantee perfect adhesion and a long-lasting, non-sticky effect. A sweet pampering that will envelop your lips.
  • BODY OILS Flawlous and Tan Tastic: two body oils Highlighters with a dry, non-greasy touch, envelop the body in an exotic and captivating fragrance, with top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, peach and coconut. Formulated with Hydraberry complex, a cocktail of sweet almonds and vitamin E, they provide supreme hydration, making the skin extraordinarily soft and silky. Available in two variants: one with gold and platinum highlights and the other with champagne and bronze highlights.

Are you ready to give your summer an unexpected twist? With the products from the collection Lavish Bronze you can let your imagination run wild and create innovative looks without weighing down your summer make-up.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready for this new adventure?

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