The Key to Radiant Skin: Double Cleansing and Targeted Cleansers

The Key to Radiant Skin: Double Cleansing and Targeted Cleansers

The Key to Radiant Skin: Double Cleansing and Targeted Cleansers

 Skin care routines are critical to maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion. Among the most crucial steps, cleansing plays a prominent role. Today we want to tell you about a technique that is gaining increasing popularity in the skincare world: double cleansing. This practice involves the use of two separate cleansers to ensure effective and thorough cleansing of the skin.

 Mesauda Beauty's Double Cleanser is designed to be used as a combo for all skin types. With advanced double cleansing, it rids the skin of makeup and impurities, preparing it for an extraordinary glow.


As a first step, you should use BACK TO BARE, a makeup-removing gel oil with a rich, creamy texture that effectively removes makeup and impurities from the face, eyes and lips. Formulated with a blend of selected oils of natural origin, it leaves the skin perfectly clean, incredibly soft and fragrant.

Apply a small amount of gel oil directly to dry skin, massaging gently. Also distribute over the eyes and lips. Remove any residue with a previously wet microfiber cloth. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.



As a second step, we recommend using PROUD CLOUD an ultra-delicate cleansing mousse with a soft and creamy texture. Formulated with gentle surfactants, active moisturizing, soothing ,antioxidants and prebiotics of natural origin that can respect the skin microbiota. For perfectly cleansed, moisturized ,soft and radiant skin.

Dispense 2-3 nuts of product and massage in a circular fashion onto the moistened face, avoiding the eye area, and rinse.





Ideal for use in the morning: your skin needs a cleansing that will prepare it to face the day. A gentle cleanser with the effect Highlighter is the ideal choice. This type of cleanser not only gently cleanses, but also brings a touch of radiance to your skin, giving it a radiant, energized appearance.

A cleansing cream mousse with physiological skin pH, with a rich, enveloping texture that transforms into a soft, le-wax mousse on contact with water. Formulated with surfactants of natural origin to cleanse even the most sensitive skin very gently. Thanks to the presence of moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant, Highlighters and protective active ingredients of the skin barrier, this formula cleanses the skin, giving it radiance and perfectly preparing it for make-up application.


Apply a dollop of product to wet hands, rub them together to encourage the formation of a fine, light lather. Massage for a few minutes, avoiding the eye area, and rinse.



Combination and oily skin can benefit from a cleanser specially formulated to control excess sebum and minimize shine. Opt for a cleanser that offers a mattifying effect, helping to keep skin fresh and matte throughout the day.

Gentle cleansing gel formulated with surfactants of natural origin that ensure maximum respect for the skin by removing impurities and excess sebum. Thanks to the active ingredients present, it guarantees a purifying, mattifying, sebum-regulating, and skin microbiota strengthening action, making the skin clean, mattified and ready for make-up application. Also ideal for sensitive acne-prone skin.

Apply a dollop of product to the face, massaging for a few minutes, avoiding the eye area, and rinse.


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