Kabuki brush: features, functions and how to use the make-up accessory

Kabuki brush: features, functionality and how to use the MESAUDA makeup accessory

Originating in Japan, the kabuki brush is certainly one of the essential make-up accessories for achieving flawless make-up.

Let's discover all the secrets of this product: how to use it, its physical characteristics and its functions.

Kabuki brush features and functions

The kabuki brush is characterised bydense, soft bristles, a characteristic dome shape, ratherlarge dimensionsand an extremelyshort handle . Specially designed to blend the powder perfectly on the skin, it is used for applying the Powder , the blush, the powderfoundation and the compactfoundation, on the face, neck and décolleté. Its rounded shape and soft bristles guarantee a very natural make-up result: they pick up the very fine powder of the cosmetic optimally and distribute it perfectly, ensuring excellent and precise application.

How to use the kabuki brush

So, thanks to the dome shape of this compact brush, which collects the right amount of powder and applies it evenly, it is very easy to use. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, it can be used either from dry or from wet. But how?

  • First of all pours a small amount of cosmetic powder into the cap of the package;
  • Swirl the brush inside to allow it to pick up the product;
  • Whisk away the excess to avoid accumulation on the face;
  • Finally, finish off bysprinkling the cosmetic over your face using circular movements to distribute the colour correctly and evenly.

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