Light up your skin for the night of the shooting stars with Light Potion

Brighten your skin for the night of shooting stars with MESAUDA Light Potion

Create make-up worthy of the most magical night of the year. WithHighlighter liquid Light Potion you will shine under the starry sky.

August is the month of beach parties, bonfires and... shooting stars. On the night of San Lorenzo, everyone turns their noses up at the sky and makes a wish. So let your make-up shine withHighlighter Light Potion liquid.

Like any self-respecting event, the night of the shooting stars deserves a special make-up. Whether it's a romantic evening, a bonfire on the beach or a party in the open countryside, you can't be found unprepared and you absolutely must celebrate the passage of Perseids, also known as tears of St. Lawrence.

The many uses of theHighlighter

Highlighter has become a must-have in our beauty cases because it has many uses and can be used on many types of look. In fact, it is a useful product for creating a super luminous or metallic effect, for highlighting cheekbones, if you want to light up your eyes or simply if you want to add a little light to your make-up base. In short, we can't do withoutHighlighter!
But not all Highlighters are the same! There are differentshades and colours, which you have to choose according to your complexion. In general, the Highlighters palette can be divided into products with a pearly-white base, a beige-gold and pink base, or an orange-bronze base.
The rule is not to overdo the contrast and always keep the gap between the complexion and Highlighter to a minimum in order to avoid an overly artificial effect. Lighter shades are therefore suitable for light and already luminous complexions; golden shades are ideal for medium-light and warm skin tones; pink tones are suitable for various types of complexion; and finally Highlighters in bronze tones are perfect for darker complexions.

But the textures can also be very different. There are the opaque and creamy Highlighters , the fluid ones and the compact cream-powder ones. And not all of them can be used in the same way!

HowHighlighter is different

In general smoother textures they serve to give a lot of lightThey are not very opaque, but they do bring out the best glow in certain areas of the face.

In general, we can apply it in three different ways:

  • All over application: this involves spreadingHighlighter all over the face, using a foundation brush. It is not a very common practice because you have to be very careful not to overdo it, and also because it tends to emphasise imperfections.

  • Blended application: useful for both face and body, this type of application allows you to mixHighlighter with a moisturiser, primer or foundation. Just a few drops are enough, diluted in the body lotion and blended with the brush to illuminate the shoulders and décolleté.

  • Touch application: this is the most common practice and involves applying small drops of product to prominent and strategic points on the face to make them stand out and create (together with Bronzing Powder and blush) a play of light and shade across the whole face.

A few tips for the night of San Lorenzo

If you want to create a super bright and sparkling look for the night of San Lorenzo, rely on theHighlighter liquid Light Potion by Mesauda. Its formula with ahigh percentage of pearls makes it the ideal product for giving the skin a bewitching glowy effect.
Just a small amount of this 'magic potion' is enough on the strategic points of the face to create a sophisticated luminous look. To emphasise highlights, apply to the cheekbones, cupid's bow, back and tip of the nose. Alternatively, you can add a few drops to your foundation for a more sophisticated look. delicate diffuse brightness.

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