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MESAUDA makeup tricks
.Follow the tips of our Make up artist Beatrice Borgonovo and Tiktokers. Tune your looks to the cult trends of the moment. 

Want to create the perfect look for Christmas?

Follow our mua Bea's tutorial for a kiss under the mistletoe with bows. 
In the tutorial our mua Bea, uses:
Zero Flaws, instant filler effect face primer
Pro Light Concealer, Concealer fluid with high moisturizing power
F08 Buffer Concealer, Brush for Concealer, perfect for easily hiding shadows under the eyes
The Skin,fluid foundation with a luminous finish
F04 Buffer Foundation, flat profile foundation brush
Nude Venus, Powder compact, soft and smooth, with a pleasantly creamy and silky touch
Bronze Venus, Bronzing Powder compact, with a pleasantly creamy, silky and comfortable touch
At First Blush, acompact, silky blush with a velvety touch that enhances the natural complexion complexion
F05 Angled Blush,angled blush brush
WOW!GLOW, palette of Highlighters in 4 colors
F07 Tapered Highlighter, brush for Highlighter tapered shape
MIST N' GLOW, make-up refresher based on extracts of Chamomile, Calendula and Rose water
Artist Eyes 104 Cocoa, Eye Pencil with precise stroke and instant color release
Ink Liner, graphic eyeliner with ultra precise stroke and matte color
Big And Thick Lashes, volumizing, lengthening, waterproof mascara for long, sensational lashes
RebelLips240111 Jam,waterproof lip pencil, soft and gliding texture
Cult Matte 216 Lover's,Matt lipstick with full, even matte color

Do you want to enlarge your lips but don't know how to do it? 

One of the current trends on TikTok is lip augmentation using theoval lip-lining technique.
tiktok trend, ocal lip-lining, enlarge lips filler effect
*Newtips for achieving trendy beauty looks come from two different but increasingly attuned hemispheres. Make-up artists and beauty TikToker create contemporary makeup scenarios together. 
From social media comes the latest lip enlargement, filler effect trend: oval lip-lining. This new lip makeup technique involves drawing a curved line on the cupid's bow and symmetrically on the lower lips and then joining them in the center into an oval before applying lipstick
Stixx M November 5, 2022-1 min read 1 / 2 The "Oval-Lining" Trend Is TikTok's Money Saving Hack for Fuller Lips For those wanting to know why they don't have full lips, the tea is you're either born with them, or you can buy them-that's it, that's the solution. However, a new trend on TikTok is making coming by a plump pout even more realistic and it involves something you already have in your makeup caboodle: lip liner.  Meet the affordable and lip filler-free hack from TikTok, "oval-lining." The hack is the key to getting the sought-after rounded shape on your top lip, giving an appearance of instantly fuller puckers. All you have to do is redraw your lips in the form of a circle, and you're done. To completely ace the oval-liner hack, ensure that the lip liner matches the natural shade of your mouth. When applying the liner, make minor marks on the cupid's bow and the middle of the lower lip, then draw a circle directly in the center of the lips, leaving the sides out for blotting.  Hopefully, this noninvasive trick will save you the pain of lip filler injections and give you the desired pouty pucker. Take a closer look at the oval-lip liner tutorials below.
We recommend using a lip pencil (alternatively, an eyebrow pencil to make the makeup look more natural and long-lasting. Like the temperable eyebrow pencil, it lasts up to 12 hours and outlines with bold strokes: Vain Brows)
sublimatte, matte no transfer long lasting liquid lipstick

Conceal dark circles and brighten the eyes? Find out how.

Despite micro trends on TikTok teaching to highlight dark circles, considered cool and romantic by a new crew of creators, dark marks remain among the most hated imperfections. To neutralize them, cosmetics offer concealers in sticks, to be blended with fingers or with brushes and make-up blenders, and combined with targeted skincare. The tip that will save your look? Put on the Concealer, preferably fluid in this case, in the refrigerator before applying it. In addition to the color action, you'll go to stimulate circulation thanks to the ice effect. 
face concealers
The first component of a radiant look is to be happy, but make-up also helps. The first step is to conceal dark circles under the eyes, which tarnish light, and smooth the entire eye area, including the areas adjacent to the eyebrows. The trick to infuse radiance is to spread a pinkish powder under the eyes. Using a brush, it is spread over the lower eyelid toward and beyond the outer corner of the eye. Glitter and golden particles light up the irises, perfect for this purpose the liquid Galactic Shadow eye shadows.

Perfect base: give the foundation a natutal effect. 

How to give foundation a natural effect? The secret is to focus on light, melting bases (preferably gel and formulated with high percentages of water) and combine it with primers, tinted fluids and Powders

perfect base

For best application, run the product from the center of the face outward to even the complexion. Blot to increase coverage. For a natural effect, apply foundation with your fingertips.

How to disguise redness.

Do you have sensitive and over-reactive skin? To hide redness, you need to play with complementary colors. 

complementary makeup colors
The gradation to be chosen should be modulated according to the nature of the redness and the tone of the complexion.The intensity will be darker if the darker the complexion and discolorations.

The perfect eyeliner exists: new and old techniques for making an impression

eyeliner tutorial 

 The hottest eye makeup techniques, from social media to the catwalks, feature eyeliner and novel graphic patterns around the eyelids. The effect is the ever-sought-after "cat eyes"

  The hottest eye makeup techniques, from social media to the catwalks, feature eyeliner and novel graphic patterns around the eyelids. The effect is the ever-sought-after "cat eyes"

Concealer as eyeliner

With the right tools, the effect of eyeliner can also be recreated with other cosmetics. Tik Tok's most recent invention takes eye shadow covers as an example. The Net star known as Lenkalul has launched a tutorial that is not difficult to replicate.
transparent eyeliner

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