Basic tips for learning how to use liquid eyeshadow!

Basic tips for learning how to use liquid eyeshadow! MESAUDA

What are the coolest trends of the moment? In the wake of the success of the popular Netflix series Euphoria and the Fall Winter 2023 fashion shows, the undisputed make-up trend isliquid eyeshadow. Even better if it is glittered: easy to apply, it is the perfect solution for rushing out in the morning, as well as for evening looks. 

LIQUID SHADOW, how to apply it to make it last longer

On the catwalks we have seen glitter lips, faces embellished with crystals, temporary designs and tattoos, graphic and multicolor eyeliner...

If using color is a way to express one's personality, then the New Year is undoubtedly synonymous with joy, play, energy and fun. Eyes are confirmed to be the real stars of beauty trends.

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Have we intrigued you? Then let's find out together the tips and techniques of applying liquid eyeshadow to achieve a bright, sensual or pop and colorful look.

How to use liquid eyeshadow?

Among beauty products,eyeshadow is the one we all have in our trousse, declined in all possible ways: palette, wafer, gel, mousse, etc. and just like everything in the beauty world, eyeshadow is also subject to evolutions in formulation and format.

 And so, thanks to the latest fashion catwalks, tik tok trends, and new cult TV series, in today's landscapeliquid eyeshadow represents the new frontier of quick makeup, perfect when you need to rush out in the morning to go to school or work, as well as to make even the most glamorous evening looks easy to achieve. At this point you may be wondering how to use liquid eyeshadow? You are in the right place because today we are going to talk aboutliquid eyeshadow itselfand how to use it.

Apart from a few technical tricks that we will see later, there is not much to explain, it is more about creative mood and lots and lots of practice.

Eyeshadow: how to put it in its liquid version?

Nothing could be simpler! Take it out of the bottle with the included applicator and then spread it on the eyelid: et voila, you're done. You can decide whether to use a pencil or eyeliner, along with liquid eye shadow, or mascara to intensify the look.

As a general rule, the best liquid eyeshadow should not be too pasty and should have proper drying times. Also make sure it is a long-lasting product: this feature will make it your most trusted ally. It seems superfluous to mention it, but always check the expiration date of makeup, especially that which is to be put in close contact with the eyes: expired liquid eyeshadows (such as mascaras) can usually be recognized by their being dry inside the tube.

How to blend liquid eyeshadow?

Given its uniqueness, what you may be asking yourself is how to put on liquideyeshadow in the best way. For a very quick make-up, it will also be fine to use the applicator included with the product, start by spreading a little at a time, one swipe and go being careful not to take too much so as not to create a heavy and wrinkled effect on the eyelid. For slightly more refined effects, the question becomes: how to blend liquid eyeshadow?

Its particular formulation requires you to work it very quickly before it dries completely: if you want to blend the liquid eye shadow to achieve a wide spread of color, apply it with a fairly large blending brush or, to define a more tapered gradation (cat eye style), use a somewhat smaller precision brush. In addition to using the applicator included with the product, you can also put on and spread the liquid eye shadow with your fingers or a flat brush. Pay attention to the bristles of the eye brushes: they should be synthetic (in addition to, being vegan) so that they do not absorb the product while spreading it. 

Eye shadow with liquid glitter

Probably the most used and popular version is theliquid glitter eyeshadow: easy to apply, it does not need so much care, can be complemented with mascara alone and immediately gives a fresher look. If you felt like trying them out, we suggest our Galactic Shadow, for a super galactic look.


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