How to fix make-up with Powder powder

How to fix make up with Powder powder MESAUDA

We'll let you in on a little secret: Powder powder is the perfect product for fixing make-up and making it last longer!

Whether it's an afternoon shopping trip, an aperitif with friends after a hard day's work or an invitation to an evening out for two, you don't want your make-up to show signs of failing just when it's getting good, do you? That's why your make-up bag must include Powder powder which fixes your make-up for a long time and gives you a "heavenly" complexion. Find out more in our article!

Is Powder free powder suitable for everyone?

A good make-up base needs a matt finish that fixes the products and gives uniformity to the skin, prolonging the hold of the make-up all day long. The Powders Mesauda are available in different variants to choose from depending on the use: from thefree powder Powder with a fixing effect, to the baked powder to even out the skin, to the compact powder to conceal imperfections.

AtransparentPowder , when well applied, creates a protection that supports cream products - such as foundation, or a cream - and helps them stay in place for longer. Concealer Highlighter A powder Powder allows you to achieve this double result and at the same time mattifies your face, preventing the shiny effect due to sebum production.

But that's not all, because Powder is also an indispensable ally for dry skin! It keeps the skin smooth and prevents foundations and concealers from settling between fine lines. In this way, the Powder free powder fixes the Concealer cream, (yes, even on the eye contour!) so that no unsightly effects are created.

Celestial Veil is the Powder free powder with a fixing value, designed to lengthen the hold of your make-up by creating a light protective veil that evens out the complexion and mattifies the skin. It is available in 3 colour variants:

  • Invisible is designed to create a protective veil for your make-up with an invisible effect. It is enriched with silicone texturizers that allow the skin to shine and create a silky touch.
  • TranslucentLight creates a light fixation and smoothes out any imperfections, enhancing the complexion.
  • Translucent Deep creates light protection and enhances the complexion with a darker shade than Translucent Light. It helps to diminish any imperfections, smoothing and enhancing the complexion.

Fixing make-up with the right tools

Due to its versatility, the Powder powder can be applied with different methods to suit specific skin and usage needs.
For example, if your skin needs to be mattified, we recommend applying your Powder free powder with a wide Powderbrushthat will allow you to fix your foundation and/or your Concealer cream for a light matt finish all over your face.

If you only want to apply cream products where your skin needs them most, we recommend applying your Powder powder with an angled or fan-shaped blush brush.
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If, on the other hand, you prefer to use your Powder free powder to light up the eye contour and the more exposed areas such as the tip of the nose with the baking technique, we recommend using a beauty blender slightly dampened with water, making sure to use a lot of foundation and Concealer before applying the Powder, in order to shield the skin and prevent the area from drying out.

To read all our tips on how to apply Powder powder and get the result you want, read our article.

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