How to apply Powder to create sensational make-up

How to apply Powder to create sensational make-up MESAUDA

From the theatre to photo shoots to haute couture shows: Powder is a key player in the world of fashion and art to create timeless images. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the most popular make-up products of all time.

Powder can mattify shiny areas and fix make-up for longer; it can give a luminous effect and even out any complexion: the qualities and uses of Powder are truly many! Find out which one suits your skin best, how to use Powder and which accessories to choose to use it in your make-up.

Many Powders, many uses

Powders are available in different formats and can be used in many different ways. This is why it is important to get to know them and to know how to apply Powder to achieve the desired effect.
Free powder, compact or baked? The Powders are perfect for giving the skin a fresh look and increasing the hold of make-up.

They are suitable for every use: whether to create the most natural effects or to achieve spectacular results. In addition, the different types of Powder can be applied in different ways depending on the desired effect and skin type. Read on to learn all the secrets of this versatile product!

Which Powder is perfect for your make-up?

The Powder free powder is used to fix make-up, regulate skin shine and even out the complexion, minimising small imperfections. Such as Celestial Veil, available in an "Invisible" version and in two different colours. Thanks to silicone texturizers, it creates a silky touch to smooth the skin in a discreet way.

The Powder compact is generally pigmented and can be blended in with foundation for a super even effect and blemish-free skin. Light Velvet is the compact Powder available in six colours, with a fine, creamy texture that guarantees perfect skin with lightness.

Finally, Powder can replace foundation and gently smooth the skin, creating a very natural effect. Silk Touch is available in six colours for a perfectly even look. The paraben-, silicone- and paraffin-free formula leaves the skin soft and velvety for a matte "second skin" effect that enhances every feature.

How to put Powder on for pro make-up

Some tricks for using Powder to its fullest potential? Here they are for you!

Generally, Powder free powder should be applied more or less generously with a wide brush all over the face. If you only want to mattify the eye contour or the T-zone, you can use a medium-sized brush for super precise and targeted application.

The same product becomes even more sebum-absorbent when applied with a beauty blender, slightly moistened with water. If you want to minimise your pores, the transparent powder Powder is perfect for you as it counteracts sebum. To find out all the secrets of how to apply Powder powder, read our dedicated article.

For dry skin or areas that tend to dry out more easily, Powder compact becomes the ideal solution for fixing make-up and concealing imperfections. When applied with a wide-bristled brush, Powder compact provides lighter coverage and remains discreetly invisible.

Powder also needs a brush to be applied in the best possible way, especially if you want to create an even make-up base. Apply it on its own to cleansed and moisturised skin, or over make-up for a silky finish.

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