Horoscope 2022: What will be your must-have for the New Year?

Horoscope 2022: What will be your must-haves for the new year? MESAUDA

The New Year is approaching, it's time to take stock and make good intentions... Let's take a peek at the 2022 Horoscope and find out what this year's must-have products will be for each sign of the zodiac.

As we approach New Year's Eve, it is time to take stock and prepare for the New Year. What does 2022 have in store for us? Let's find out right now with the anticipations of our Horoscope: for each sign of the zodiac there is a product which will accompany you over the next 365 days!


The year 2022 promises exciting news, especially from the spring. After two tiring years,unfinished business will be resolved and in May there will be an interesting transit of Jupiter. Are you ready to shine? The product that will accompany you in 2022 will be (needless to say) the palette of Highlighters WOW!GLOW. Try its special hybrid cream-powder texture and give your make-up a glow.


It will be a year of love for those born under the sign of Taurus. As early as January 2022, Venus will begin a favourable transit and this will bring a lot of interesting news and a breath of passion. And what better product to ignite passion than a red lipstick? We recommend the wonderful PARIS lipstick from the Bohemian Glam collection: its texture is creamy and comfortable, while the matte finish will give you an incredible long-lasting effect.


After some initial difficulties, this year opens the way to interesting projects. First good news in love in March, thanks to the transit of Venus and Mars. In general, the year 2022 will help you to grow and start on a new path. You will need, therefore, a lot of determination and energy. You will be accompanied by the Mega Lash false eyelash effect mascaraEasy to apply, it gives super volume, extreme length, brightness and shine in just one stroke.


It will be a year of novelties, but also of important trials. We know that those born under the sign of Cancer are never satisfied, but this year it will be important to remain calm. For you Cancerians, therefore, we recommend the very fine make-up refresher Mist N'Glow, ideal for refreshing and soothing even the most sensitive skin. When used during the day on a made-up face, its revitalising action makes make-up appear brighter, as if it had just been made.


In April there will be an interesting transit of Venus, which will bring news from the sentimental point of view, and then there will be a phase of recovery on the work front. But the desire for novelty and even transgression will accompany you throughout 2022. Give vent to your rebellious spirit with the REBELEYES eye pencils! These waterproofpencils have a well-defined but soft, no-transfer, matte finish. The highly pigmented formula has an immediate colour release, flawless both outside and inside the eye for a deep, rebellious and long-lasting look.


Top love and favourable encounters: you justneed to try to get away from work for a while and think more about your feelings. Arguments are always around the corner, as are unexpected encounters. Always be ready (also) with the highly moisturising Concealer Pro Light fluid. The texture has the characteristics of a mineral product with calibrated powderiness and a covering, protective, elastic and filling film. Thanks to its smoothness, it adheres perfectly and corrects imperfections.


For those born under the sign of Libra, 2022 will be the year of important decisions, but also of new encounters. You need to be less shy, because you have all the credentials to start a new page in your life. In short, no shyness and a lot of determination, with the Glam'Eyes eyeshadow paletteTwelve colours in three different textures with extraordinary writing power and sensorial qualities. You can create ever-changing looks, choosing from a variety of matt, shimmer and duo-chrome textures and colours, and balancing cool and warm tones.


In 2022, Jupiter will finally be active and there will be no lack of opportunities to let yourself go and achieve great satisfaction! In general it will be a year of change and satisfaction. For you the must-have of 2022 will be the BIGANDTHICK Lashes: a workout-proof mascara that will give high definition and surprising volume. Formulated to last, this mascara resists everything, is a "new waterproof" and will not disappoint your expectations. The special asymmetric elastomer brush is designed to reach the smallest and thinnest lashes, giving them volume and opening them up for a panoramic look. Enriched with Jojoba esters, lashes will appear thicker and more volumised over time.


The new year will be the right one for making plans for the future. Don't be distracted by possible tensions and, on the contrary, seize the opportunities that will arrive especially from spring onwards. To get your energy back, your must-have for 2022 will be our eye palette. Rock Romance 12 eye shadows with extraordinary writing power and sensorial qualities, inspired by contemporary musical genres. A mix of intense and luminous colours in three different textures: matte, shimmer and duo-chrome, ideal for creating pop, experimental or light looks.


January will bring great emotions and you will finally be able to leave the past behind, dear Capricorns! Prepare yourself for new and interesting job offers and try to make the most of the first few months of the year. For an always impeccable look, you will not be able to do without the MAGIC WAND foundationJustlike a magic wand, it unifies, conceals imperfections and protects the dermis for a fresh and radiant final result. Easy to apply, thanks to the applicator that provides comfort and gentleness on contact with the skin.


You will want to renew yourself and escape from everyday life, but don't go overboard with transgressions! Changes will be favoured, as long as you are prudent. And to achieve impeccable results even in make-up, yourmust-have for the new year will be the Zero Flaws instant filler effect face primer. It prepares the skin for make-up, evening out the complexion, minimising the appearance of pores, wrinkles and expression lines, for a visibly sublimated skin texture. Non-occlusive formula, absorbs in seconds, giving the complexion a smooth and velvety appearance in record time.


It will be a year of important decisions for those born under the sign of Pisces. You will need to take a break, but then you will make a great start and begin new paths: you must close all bridges with the past and take advantage of all opportunities. The product that will accompany you during this new year will be the fBISMILLAH marbled baked clay! It creates an intense 3D luminous effect for sophisticated, glamorous looks. It gives the complexion an even, delicate and multidimensional colour thanks to the high concentration of pulverised crystals mixed with micro-pearls. Silky and sensorial touch for long-lasting make-up.

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