From the early 1900s to the present day: how lip gloss came about

From the early 1900s to today: here's how MESAUDA lip gloss came to be

Did you know that lip gloss was invented for the film industry? Let's find out all the interesting facts...

Lip gloss is one of the most classic cosmetics in existence, a product that has been applied by every woman in the world at least once in her life and which has a very long history. In fact, the first appearances of this cosmetic in history date back to the early 1900s, with use limited to the world of cinema. Subsequently, they found their greatest fortune in the make-up of the 1960s, before returning to the scene and gaining a privileged position again in those of the 1980s. But what is the history of lip gloss? Let's find out together.

The history of lip gloss begins in 1909

The history of lip gloss, therefore, begins in the early 1900s by Max Factor, who invented the cosmetic for use in the cinema: the aim was to make actresses in black and white films look more sensual and provocative. It was the popularity of the cinema and the growing interest of women in the world of make-up that prompted the father of the lip gloss to popularize the product and put it on the market.

The 1970s: the flavoured lip gloss boom

In the1960s became the top make-up product and found its greatest fortune: all women completed their make-up with a generous swipe of lip gloss on the mouth, to make it bright and sensual. This was a period of extreme popularity for the product, which reached its peak in the 70s with the invention of flavoured and fruity lip glosses, which were especially popular with younger women.

80s: the prerogatives of the lip polish

In the1980s its popularity continued to grow, the trends were dictated by TV and film stars, and it began to be appreciated for other aspects: it was used as a lip balm, with a function of protection from atmospheric agents, and preferred to lipstick forthe natural effectit gave to make-up.

Lip gloss today

In recent years, the use of lipsticks has become increasingly popular: coloured or neutral lipsticks, with a matt, matte or glossy texture. However, despite the popularity of the latter, lip gloss is also in vogue and continues to be very popular with women, especially young women. On the market you can find of all types: glossy, super glossy, glittery, metallic, coloured or transparent.

For a bright, radiant and seductive look, discover how to apply lip gloss in 4 steps.

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