Stick foundation: here are the characteristics of the cosmetic and tips on how to apply it

Stick foundation: here are the features of the cosmetic and tips on how to apply it MESAUDA

Liquid, powder, but not only! Discover all the features of foundation sticks.

Foundation is definitely one of a woman's best friends: it can make the skin impeccable, minimising any small imperfections and hiding skin discolourations. However, its efficiency decreases with the passing of the hours and for this reason it is one of those cosmetics that should never be missing from a woman's beauty case, but should always be on hand for any make-up touch-up. Among the different types of foundation, there is certainly one that is more suitable than the others for touching up make-up outside the home: here is how to apply a foundation stick.

The different types of foundation

Depending on the texture of the foundation, we can distinguish between different types:

  • Powder foundation;
  • Fluid foundation;
  • Cream foundation;
  • Mineral foundation;
  • Foundation stick.

For more in-depth information on each of them, read the article "Powder, fluid, cream, mineral: the different types of foundation".

The foundation stick: characteristics

A stick foundation is a product with a compact texture and is therefore more concentrated. For this reason, you should not apply it too lightly, otherwise you risk obtaining an undesirable effect. However, thanks to this feature it can also be used as Concealer, it is easy to apply and allows foradjustable coveragewith an ultra-light finish.

How to apply a foundation stick

You can apply this type of product directly onto the skin and blend it in with your hands or with the foundation brush; or you can use a flat brush to take the product and then apply it to the areas of the face that need it, for greater precision. In any case, draw two lines on the forehead, two on each cheek, one on the nose and one on the chin and then blendit in to distribute it evenly over the whole complexion.

Cover Stick Foundation: foundation stick by Mesauda

Mesaud hascreated for you Cover Stick FoundationThis is a foundation stick with a creamy, adjustable and versatile texture that allows you to obtain the desired coverage. Depending on your complexion, you can choose the best shade from the 8 available. Applying the product is really quick and easy: it is also ideal for last-minute make-up and for touch-ups on the go. Just follow our instructions and the result will be impeccable!

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