Every holiday destination has its ideal beauty case: find out what to bring with you this summer.

To every vacation destination its ideal beauty case: discover what to take with you this summer MESAUDA

Sea, mountains or city? Whatever your destination, don't forget to fill your holiday beauty case with the right products!

It's almost time to leave! You've chosen your destination, booked your accommodation and organised your excursions and trips to many wonderful places. It's time to think about your suitcase and your holiday beauty kit! Take the essentials with you, don't pack things you won't use and, above all, leave some space for souvenirs.

But which beauty products should you take with you? There is no right answer for everyone, because it depends on your needs, the length of your holiday and the destination you have chosen.

That's why we thought we'd put together a list for you of products to put in your holiday beauty case depending on your destination.

Prepare your beauty case for the holidays

Whatever your destination, there are some products that should definitely not be missing from the perfect holiday beauty case. We are talking, of course, about a good sunscreen and amake-up remover .

We never tire of saying that sunscreen should always be applied, not only when we expose ourselves directly to the sun, because (especially in summer) the sun's rays are always lurking. If we then combine it with cosmetic products that also contain the SPF sun protection factor, we will have guaranteed protection and our skin will thank us!

Also essential for the holidays are fixing and/or refreshing sprays. A fixative make-up spray, such as Fix Me Up by Mesauda, will be indispensable for fixing make-up and keeping it intact all day without altering it. Another "secret ingredient" for heat-proof make-up is a revitalising spray. The Mist N'Glow is ideal for refreshing and soothing the skin. When used during the day on a made-up face, its revitalising action makes make-up appear brighter, as if it has just been made.

But now let's take a closer look at which products you should put in your beauty case depending on the holiday destination you have chosen.

To the sea

Let's start with the most classic of summer destinations, the sea! Whether it's a chic and trendy location or a wild place away from the hustle and bustle, your make-up needs to be well cared for, even if you opt for simple and light products.

For the base, we recommend The Skin, a light, moisturising fluid foundation with SPF 15. If you have normal to dry skin, pair it with Oil Foil face primer for a flawless but not heavy result. Alternatively, we recommend the Zero Flaws face primer, perfect for combination and oily skin.

If you want to highlight your eyes, perhaps for a drink on the beach or a walk along the seafront, choose our newcomer: the Sun Tana eye palette. Its shimmer and matte eyeshadows come in warm, intense shades, perfect for highlighting your summer tan. And to complete the look, choose Aqua Lash waterproof mascara for perfectly separated lashes, zero clumping and unbeatable hold.

Do you want to add a truly unique touch to your evening look? Try the moisturising body oil Highlighter from the Lavish Bronze collection. Available in two versions(FLAWLOUS with golden highlights and TAN TASTIC with bronze highlights), it has a very special exotic fragrance and moisturises, leaving the skin soft and silky.

In the mountains

If you are spending your holidays in the mountains, away from the sultry heat, you can opt for a more structured but still light make-up.

Create your perfect base with the foundation of your choice, combined with a face primer to make your make-up flawless and long-lasting. We recommend using the Shine Free primer and Magic Wand foundation if you have combination or oily skin, or the Oil Foil primer and The Skin fluid foundation if you have normal or dry skin.

If you love contouring, you won't be able to do without the Palette Poker Face, an indispensable and super practical must-have: the light and modular textures blend perfectly with each other, making the complexion flawless.

Once the base has been completed, we advise you not to overdo it with your eye make-up. All you need is a little colour: try the brand new Artist Eyes pencils, with their precise and highly blendable line, and pair them with your favourite mascara.

At the lake

Are you planning a relaxing holiday by a lake? Then don't forget to take along a good book, your favourite playlist and the right products for natural, radiant make-up in your holiday beauty case.

Create a make-up base with a primer, Concealer and your favourite foundation, fix it all with Powder and finally add an extra touch with blush andHighlighter.

Frame your eyes with the eyebrow pencil 4Ever Brows: its ultra-fine lead allows you to draw defined strokes and guarantees precise and adjustable application for a natural effect. And for a touch of colour, there's nothing better than the eyeshadows in the Blooming Flower palette: 9 matte and shimmer colours that allow you to create delicate and elegant looks.

For lip make-up, on the other hand, we recommend the new Artist Lips pencils: formulated with vegetable waxes with moisturising properties, they are easy to blend in and are also perfect as a base for lipstick.

In town

Have fun on your summer city break! Between a visit to a museum, a stroll through the city centre and an aperitif with friends, don't forget to put on your perfect make-up!

Choose your favourite products to create your make-up base and illuminate your face with Wow!Glow, the palette of Highlighters in 4 colours, to create infinite looks and enhance every complexion.

For the eyes, we recommend the super-precise and water-resistant Eyes on Fleek eyeliner, which allows you to draw both thin and thick lines, without smudging and with a matte black finish. Try it with the mascara Mega Lash with a false lash effect that gives super volume, extreme length, brightness and shine in just one stroke.

And to make it even more extreme, focus on the lips! The liquid lipstick Extreme Vinyl guarantees hydration and intense, long-lasting colour. A light and pleasant finish on the lips, combining the shine of a gloss with the performance of a lipstick.

On the road

Finally, we come to the holiday on the road, backpacking through unknown places. This is the ideal trip for adventurous spirits who can't stand still: their holiday beauty case should also meet this need for movement and therefore be practical and functional.

Let's start with the base and recommend BB Beauty Balm, the tinted cream that smoothes and evens out the complexion in a single step and makes the skin soft and supple.

For on-the-go make-up, nothing beats stick products: tryHighlighter Glow Stick, which is super light, creamy and easy to blend, and the multipurpose blush CheekKiss, which can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes.

Finally, nourish and add colour to your lips with the tinted moisturising lip balm Lip Cocoon, ideal for those who want lips that are always soft and moisturised without sacrificing a touch of colour.

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