Enhance your summer tan with the right products

Highlight your summer tan with the right products from MESAUDA

With the arrival of the summer season we think about fun, holidays and of course sunbathing! Enhancing your tan in a natural way is an imperative, after hours spent in the sun: just follow a few little tricks and we will be able to keep our beloved golden colour!

But let's start from the beginning... Some people get a tan after just one day at the beach, while others have to wait a long time before they get that beautiful colour we all like so much. What makes the difference is the phototype, i.e. the skin's ability to respond to the indignity of sun exposure by producing greater or lesser amounts of melanin, the dark pigment on which the intensity of your tan depends.

In any case, it is essential to take care of your tan and learn how to enhance it.

To make it last longer, keep your skin hydrated and exfoliate it gently, avoiding products that are too aggressive. Extra support can also come from your diet: remember to drink lots of water and fill up on all yellow-orange foods, which are rich in beta-carotene.

We can also use make-up to emphasise our beloved tan: with the right products, enhancing your tan will be child's play!

Create a light make-up base

As always, let' s start from the base!

We have said it time and time again: high-performance make-up requires a stable base, and this is even more true with tanned skin. This is why it is even more important to moisturise and protect it with the right base cream.

You can then move on to foundation. When the skin is tanned, some foundations can be heavy and give a false tan effect. Opt for a light, moisturising foundation that doesn't dry out the skin and emphasises the complexion without flattening it. For a glowy look and luminous skin, we recommend THE SKIN, the super-hydrating liquid foundation with SPF 15, ideal for nourishing the skin and protecting it in a single step.

Alternatively, you can use BB Cream. Mesauda's BB Beauty Balm is the ideal product for those who want light and imperceptible coverage. In a single gesture it smoothes the skin, making it soft and supple, and gives uniformity to the complexion.

Keep an eye on light and shade!

Complete the look to enhance your tan by applying a Highlighter and a touch of blush to maintain that desired bonne mine effect.

The rules are always the same: balance the natural light and shadow of the face.

The Bronzing Powder is designed to sculpt volumes and enhance shadow areas. Blush, on the other hand, brightens up the face and highlights those areas of the face that naturally tend to blush. Finally,Highlighter adds light and a glowy effect to strategic areas of the face.

Give a glowy touch with the Lavish Bronze collection

But summer make-up is also a way of playing with typical summer colours and shades such as gold and bronze.

The eye make-up takes up the typical colours of the sunset, with warm shades of beige, brown and orange. You can use matte eyeshadows, or dare with glitter and pearl effects to give depth to the eyes. Try mixing the shades of the SUNTANA eye palette from the LAVISH BRONZE summer collection and see how you can create incredibly radiant eye make-up.

And if we're talking about being daring, why not also indulge in super shiny lip make-up? In this case, we choose glossy lipsticks and lip glosses. The ideal is an ultra-bright, non-sticky lipgloss that will make your lips shine without weighing them down. On The Beach, Tropicana and Sunset Lover are three lipglosses with exceptional shine, formulated with special polymers that guarantee perfect adhesion and a long-lasting, non-sticky effect.

And finally, to enhance your tan and make your skin glow, rely on a body oil Highlighter which will make your skin smooth and silky, making it glow thanks to the concentration of shimmering micro particles. This makes it the perfect product to enhance your tan and brighten your complexion.

The must-have product in your holiday beauty kit is an oil from the LAVISH BRONZE collection! Flawlous and Tan Tastic are two body oils that envelop the body in an exotic and captivating fragrance. Formulated with the Hydraberry complex, they provide supreme hydration and make the skin extraordinarily soft and silky.

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