Each sign of the zodiac has its own make-up: find out which product is right for you!

To each zodiac sign its make-up: find out which product is right for you! MESAUDA

Tell me what sign you are and discover the perfect Mesauda product for you! Read our article dedicated to horoscope and make-up lovers.

There are those who speak of it with scepticism and those who cannot do without it. Some people consider it to be utter nonsense, and others don't make important decisions without consulting it first. We are talking about Horoscope, which has become an essential trend for many people, and for many brands! Even the link between horoscope and make-up is now stronger than ever. Indeed, if it is true that make-up serves to reveal and show our true nature, it is intrinsically linked to our personality and our characteristics.

In short, for each sign of the zodiac there is an ideal make-up or cosmetic product. Let us discover together which Mesauda products are perfect for each sign of the Zodiac.

Aries, get ready to shine withHighlighter Light Potion

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the sign of Spring, of rebirth. They are born leaders and sometimes because of this they can appear arrogant or domineering. The truth is that Aries likes to be in the front line and is very bold.

What better way to demonstrate these characteristics than with the right Highlighter? Light Potion is theHighlighter liquid that enhances the complexion with aglowy effect. With a small amount of this magic potion on strategic points of the face and (why not?) the body, you can achieve a sophisticated glowing look.

Taurus, if you love stability, you'll love Extreme Velvet lipstick.

Determined, stubborn, Taurus is a sign of Bronzing Powder and it is from this element that their main characteristics derive: they love pleasures and the good life, but above all they love (or rather, dream of) stability. They are concrete, practical people with their feet firmly planted at Bronzing Powder. This is why a matte, no-transfer lipstick is the ideal product for this sign.

Extreme Velvet is the liquid matte lipstick with a velvety effect. The formula is light, imperceptible, long-lasting and with extreme colour release. Thanks to the presence of Avocado oil, lips appear instantly smooth and moisturised for a sensation of absolute comfort.

Cufflinks, lipstick or gloss? With Extreme Vinyl you don't have to choose

Extremely changeable and flexible, those born under the sign of Gemini are often considered duplicitous, but their ambivalence is not necessarily a bad thing, on the contrary! They are capable of analysing situations from several points of view. In addition, they love to change friends and company, making them the sign of communication par excellence.

We want to reward this duplicity with a product that combines the characteristics of a lipstick with those of a gloss.

Extreme Vinyl is the ultra-brilliant liquid lipstick vinyl effect. A plumping formula with a volumizing action, for visibly plumped lips. The light finish and hyper-pigmented texture guarantee hydration and intense long-lasting colour. A light and pleasant finish on the lips, which combines the brilliance of a gloss with the performance of a lipstick.

Cancer, all the tenderness of the Camelia blush

Tender, protective, almost maternal, Cancer is a sign that prefers the home and "familiar" situations. Ruled by the Moon, it is prone to continual mood swings which sometimes make it shut up in its shell just like a crab. But don't call them sour! Cancerians are moody, but they are also extremely loving. So let's highlight their tenderness with Blush Camelia from the Petal Dream Collection.

The marbled blush Camelia has a light and ultra-sensorial texture. Thanks to which it blends pleasantly into the complexion, releasing a thin and comfortable film on the skin. Colour, luminosity and perfect coverage give light and vibrancy to the face and décolleté for a fresh and radiant look.

Leone, aim high with Lash Infinity Mascara

Ambitious and creative, the Leo loves to be the centre of attention. They have great self-confidence and love to lead, which could be mistaken for vanity and arrogance. Dear Leo, for your determination and tendency towards drama, a mascara with a multiplied lash effect is ideal for combining horoscope and make-up!

Lash Infinity is the mascara multiplied lash effect. In just one stroke it gives anall-round multidimensional effect , coating the lashes in anintense and seductive black . The formula contains Jojoba extract with a moisturising and strengthening action.

Virgo, no more imperfections with Zero Flaws

Extremely fussy and critical, Virgos have their feet on Bronzing Powder and are always balanced and careful when analysing any situation. This precision of theirs can only be satisfied by a face primer filler effect!

Zero Flaws is the instant filler effect face primer. It prepares the skin for make-up, evening out the complexion, minimising the appearance of pores, wrinkles and expression lines, for avisibly sublimated skin texture. Its non-occlusive formula is absorbed in seconds and gives the complexion asmooth and velvety appearance, releasing a light, transparent and comfortable veil that absorbs in seconds.

Balance, harmony and beauty with Concealer Pro Light

Libra is the sign of cooperation and altruism, but its fundamental characteristic lies in its continuous search for balance and harmony. Libras love beautiful things, they know how to be seductive and refined, because they love to establish stable relationships with others and make diplomacy one of their secret weapons.

And if we are talking about harmony and balance, we cannot fail to mention Pro Light Concealer, the Concealer fluid with high moisturising power. The texture has the characteristics of a mineral product with a calibrated powderiness and a covering, protective, elastic and filling film. Thanks to its smoothness, it adheres perfectly and corrects imperfections.

Scorpio, focus on the eyes with Eyes On Fleek eyeliner

Super competitive, those born under the sign of Scorpio have a natural desire to be in control of everything. Many people consider them to be overbearing, but in reality they are very passionate about everything they do and have faith in their abilities and their power of rebirth.

To show off their deep and passionate nature, you need to focus on the eyes and intensify your gaze!

Eyes on Fleek is the pen eyelinerwith a hair tip of unsurpassed precision, intensely pigmented and water resistant. Ideal for drawing both thin and thick lines easily, without smudging and with a matte black finish. The special pigment does not fade with the passing of hours but remains intense for a long time.

Sagittarius, as unpredictable as the Rock Romance Palette

Curious, dreamy and very passionate, Sagittarius are a fire sign and, as such, are fast and uncontrollable. They love challenges and never back down. In short, they are a real bundle of energy and emotion, a bit like a rock song.

The ideal product for this sign is definitely Rock Romance, the palette of 12 eyeshadows with extraordinary writing and sensorial qualities, inspired by contemporary musical genres. A mix of intense and luminous colours available in three different textures: matt, shimmer and duo-chrome.

Capricorn, everything under control with Fix Me Up

Ambitious and determined, Capricorns are the hard workers of the Zodiac. They are completely dedicated to their goals, which they manage to achieve thanks to their practicality and constancy. A sign of Bronzing Powder, they are very pragmatic and organised and do not let themselves be distracted by impossible thoughts or unattainable dreams.

And when it comes to control and practicality in make-up, the ideal product is FixMe Up, the make-up fixing spray which creates a thin protective film on the skin and fixes make-up all daylong without altering it. Invisible and imperceptible, thanks to its formula with cosmetic alcohol, it evaporates quickly without ever being sticky.

Aquarius, if you love novelty, you can't do without The Skin foundation.

Visionary, innovative, wants to change things and fights for his ideals. If someone hinders him, he becomes impatient and irritable, because he strongly believes in his ideas. In short, they are the most innovative sign of the Zodiac and are always looking for something new, and this applies equally to horoscopes and make-up!

The ideal product for combining horoscope and make-up is certainly The Skin, the fluid and moisturising foundation with its luminous finish and ultra-light texture which allows medium to high coverage thanks to the possibility of modulating it. But the plus of The Skin is also the presence of sun protection factor SPF 15, which makes it an innovative and complete product.

Pisces, dream big with Lip Cocoon

The last sign of the Zodiac is often associated with the world of dreams and fantasy, and indeed Pisces is a dreamer with an extremely introspective nature. Altruistic and generous, they are able to win others over thanks to their helpfulness and empathy.

Shy and emotional, they will find their ideal make-up ally in a romantic and delicate lip balm. Lip Cocoon is the tinted moisturising lip balm which, like a rich oil, glides on and blends pleasantly on the lips. Thanks to its nourishing active ingredients and the softness of its texture, you will want to apply it endlessly.

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