Diamond Lips: TikTok's latest lip trend.

Diamond Lips: TikTok's latest lip trend.

By now it is common knowledge that the biggest trends of the moment are launched by social media, particularly TikTok, and the Diamond Lips trend is no exception. If you haven't heard about it yet, don't worry, this article will explain everything you need to know.

What are Diamond Lips?

As the name implies, they are lips as bright as diamonds, but not overly eccentric. In fact, if done correctly they are certainly able to draw attention and make the face stand out, but with class and elegance. One might mistakenly think that the glittery effect is reserved only for special occasions such as parties, concerts, evenings but if done correctly it will not be able to miss in your daily routine, especially taking into account that the Y2K trend continues into 2023.

Despite the wow effect, you don't have to be a make-up artist to be able to achieve them, you just need to follow the simple steps we will explain below. 


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Tutorial: how to make Diamond Lips

No rhinestones or special applications are required: all you need for Diamond Lips are a few tools that you probably already have inside your makeup bag and that you will surely not miss if you are a true Mesauda Addicted.

  • Super liquid eyeshadow Highlighter
  • Nude lip pencil
  • LIP GLOSS transparent
First, start applying your super liquid eyeshadow Highlighter GALACTIC SHADOW color Athmosphere ($19.90)

 on the cupid's bow and lower lip, blending well. Then take the nude pencil, in our case we used a REBELIPS color BLUSH (11.50€) and trace the lip contour, indenting slightly at the edges.

As a final touch of shine you can add a layer of transparent lipgloss. We used Gloss Matrix - Glazed (€14.90).

Alternatively, if you prefer a softer effect, you can opt for a matte lipstick with a layer of Highlighter on top. If you want to make the look bolder instead, you can always brighten the eyelid as well with your favorite Galactic Shadow color.

To make the tutorial even more understandable, our product development expert as well as make-up artist Beatrice Borgonovo made a video on purpose, which you can find on our Tik Tok and below.


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What do you think? Have you been convinced by this new trend?

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