Define your eyes with the unique stroke of Eyes on Fleek pen eyeliner

Define your eyes with the unique stroke of Eyes on Fleek MESAUDA pen eyeliners.

Make your eye make-up your best work of art. Thanks to the special pigment and smudge-proof formula of Eyes on Fleek pen eyeliner.

Turn your gaze into your trademark, just as a calligraphy pen allows you to trace your inner energy in black and white. Discover it now!

More precision for your make-up

A characteristic of theeyeliner is that the more intense the colour, the more striking the result. This is why the pen eyeliner Eyes on Fleek makes all the difference: its innovative formula and matt black finish ensure a precise result from the very first application.

The new flexible vegan hair tip allows you to follow the lash line with ease, whether you're on the run or just starting out. The soft bristles release pigment gradually and evenly, ensuring a perfectly controlled application.

The pen format of theeye eyeliner helps you to draw your make-up lines with extreme comfort thanks to the secure grip that provides comfort in movement and follows your every gesture during application. The colour glides smoothly over the skin, helping you to draw precise lines with every stroke.

Pen eyeliner means highly concentrated intensity

Eyes on Fleek 's water-resistant, high-pigment formula guarantees long-lasting writing power: unlike classic eyeliner colours containing ink, which tend to fade with time and rising temperatures, doesnot fade or lose pigment intensity.

This keeps your make-up neat and smudge-free. What's more, the colour dries quickly without running, so you can enjoy the summer in total peace of mind.

Eyes on Fleek is made from cruelty-free materials and is completely Vegan.

Live your life with style and intensity, starting with your eyes!

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