Choose your favourite kiss and find out which CULT lipstick is right for you

Choose your favorite kiss and find out which CULT lipstick is right for you MESAUDA

Kisses are not all the same, and neither are creamy lipsticks! Choose your favourite kiss and find out which Mesauda CULT Creamy is right for you!

Lips are (finally) back in the limelight! With the arrival of summer, it's time to show off our lips with the best beauty items of the moment. With glosses, lip balms, glossy lipsticks and the ever-present creamy lipsticks, there is no shortage of options: all we have to do is choose the make-up that suits us best and let our imagination run wild.

But for a comeback in style, we need an iconic product. Or rather, a CULT product that can enhance our make-up to the maximum. The ideal choice is CULT Creamy, the brand new creamy lipstick from Mesauda. A unique product with a smooth texture and brilliant colours, designed to give a strong and decisive touch to our lips.

Why choose creamy lipsticks?

Let's start with the main feature of this new product. It is acreamy lipstick with an extremely soft and comfortable texture.
The great thing about cream lipsticks is the feeling of comfort and softness they give to the lips. Their emollient, moisturising and softening action helps to combat dryness and cracking, making our lips smooth and polished.
In short, creamy lipsticks are the ideal choice for super shiny but at the same time nourished and soft lips.

CULT Creamy: Lips take centre stage again

With Mesauda's CULT Creamy your lips will immediately appear enveloped in a full and even colour from the very first application. The smooth, emollient texture contains a special polymer which gives a pleasant sensation of comfort over time.

The secret lies in its innovative formula:

  • Mix of extra shiny polymers with a high refractive index that envelop the lips in brilliant colours for an ultra-smooth result; they also provide comfort and softness during application.

  • Combination of low and high melting point waxes that create a creamy and comfortable film for perfect adhesion to the lips.

  • Special coated pigments guarantee immediate colour release and a homogeneous and intense pay-off, even with just one application.

But when we talk about a cult object, we also talk about its appearance. The packaging of the new Mesauda lipstick reflects its characteristics, with an iconic style that will hardly go unnoticed: the black texts stand out on the silver aluminium surface, while the lipstick's lead is embellished with the embossed pattern of the brand's M's.

Now that we've seen the main features of this incredible lipstick, let's have some fun finding out which colours are right for us. 

CULT Creamy is available in 18 different colours, each designed to meet our specific needs. Do you want a subtle nude lipstick? Or maybe a deep red? Or a bright fuchsia? Whatever your colour of the moment, we're sure you'll be able to find the perfect CULT Creamy for you.

And if you're still undecided, try this game we've devised for you... To celebrate World Kiss Day, we've selected some of the most famous and iconic kisses: choose the one you like best and find out which CULT colouring suits you best!

  • Ross and Rachel in "Friends" - CULT Creamy 115 IDOL ROUGE: is the kiss that has made audiences all over the world dream, passionate and super romantic! If you have chosen this, the most suitable colour for you is 115 Idol Rouge, an intense red that will highlight your lips.

  • Achille Lauro and Boss Doms - CULT Creamy 112 COOL: an irreverent, provocative and (why not?) fun kiss. If this is your CULT kiss, then you can't do without the 112 Cool colour, a super bright fuchsia that certainly won't make you go unnoticed!

  • Lilli e il Vagabondo - CULT Creamy 104 CHIC: this kiss takes us back to our childhood, it is a shy and extremely sweet kiss. If you have chosen this, the CULT Creamy most suitable for you is definitely number 104 Chic, a delicate pink that is also perfect for daytime make-up.

  • Callie and Arizona in "Grey's Anatomy" - CULT Creamy 118 HEROINE: If you've chosen the kiss of the two female doctors from Grey's Anatomy, we're sure you'll love CULT Creamy 118 Heroine. An orangey red, ideal for creating striking but not overdone looks.

  • Barack and Michelle Obama - CULT Creamy 110 QUEEN: let's get to the last kiss, perhaps the one that most expresses complicity. If you have chosen the kiss between former President Obama and his wife Michelle, your ideal colour is 110 Queen: sober, elegant but still bright and striking.

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