Bye bye dark circles! Give your eye contour area a second chance with the right Concealer

Bye bye dark circles! Give your eye contour a second chance with the right Concealer MESAUDA

Sleepless nights, busy days or long, unplanned sleeps all have the same result on the face: an eye contour marked by tiredness and dark circles. So how do you remedy the situation? By applying a good Concealer dark circles!

Finding the right product is not always easy, mainly because there are so many good products, but also because we often don't know which product is best suited to our specific needs.

Let's try to sort things out and find out which Concealer dark circles are right for you...

Concealer dark circles: characteristics and uses

The magic of Concealer for dark circles lies in the special features of this product, which is designed for different skin types and its specific use varies according to needs. Indeed, concealers help not only to minimise the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, but also small blemishes and discolourations on the face.

To cover the dark circles it is important to understand which Concealer dark circles is best suited to your skin: liquid, creamy or stick.

Liquid concealers provide a natural effect with medium to low coverage. Cream concealers provide more coverage than liquid concealers and give more evenness. Finally, concealers in stick form are the most opaque due to the high percentage of pigments they contain, but they can be heavy if not appropriate for the type of application chosen and the dermatological needs of the face.

Choose the right product for you!

Once you have identified the texture of Concealer for dark circles you want, it is time to find the product that meets your needs.

The creamy Concealer One Stroke is available in many different colours and is adjustable: you can decide the coverage by applying more or less product depending on the effect you want. Its practical format ensures adjustable coverage and the comfortable texture moisturises the skin thanks to the active ingredients in its formula and their moisturising properties. One Stroke is not just for dark circles: it is perfect for creating a light make-up base and for illuminating the corner of the inner eye.

When applied with a brush or sponge, it provides extra coverage around the eyes and on darker areas of the face. You can use Concealer One Stroke to emphasise your features with subtle contouring: choose One Stroke in lighter tones than your skin tone for brighter areas and in darker colours for darker areas.

In addition, the novelty of this product lies in the three brand new shades marked with the letter S: three colours dedicated to sculpting to be chosen according to your complexion (01 the lightest, 03 the darkest).

The liquid Concealer offers light coverage and is available in ten colours to suit all skin types. Being a liquid Concealer , Pro Light Concealer has a high moisturising power and a texture close to mineral products, with a calibrated powderiness and a covering film. Characterized by high glide properties, this Concealer dark circles gently envelops the skin and corrects imperfections flawlessly.

And also for this Concealer we would like to point out an important novelty: the colour P01: an orange shade, ideal as a colour corrector for dark circles.

Take a look at our tips on how to apply Concealer and create a flawless face make-up.

Tips for correcting dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be a real trouble spot because of their colouring, which is often different from the rest of the face. Our tricks on onhow to conceal dark circles under your eyes come to our rescue. which you can read about in this article. Follow our advice and restore beauty to your skin!

What products do you apply around the eyes to make your complexion even? Create your own beauty routine with products designed for you.

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