Brushes vs. Blender: which is the right choice for your perfect base?

Brushes vs. Blender: which is the right choice for your perfect base? MESAUDA

Can't decide between brushes and blenders? Here are some tips for finding the perfect make-up tool for you!

To create the perfect make-up base you need the right products! face primer, Concealer, foundation and Powder will become our beauty allies. But also the right accessories are also essential for flawless, high-performance make-up. This is why it is important to know the difference between brushes and blenders, so that we can choose the ideal tool for our needs.

First of all, let's let you in on a little secret... there is no right or wrong way to apply make-up base products. A lot depends on your preferences and the final effect you want to achieve, as well as your skin type and the products you use. But we can say that using the right accessory is the first step towards a good, long-lasting base.

In general,the make-up blender provides very natural and adjustablecoverage. The brushes, on the other hand, provide more coverage. But be careful! Because they are not all the same and each individual make-up brush has its own specific characteristics.

Let's discover all the secrets of brushes and blenders, make-up accessories which will help us to create our perfect base...

The make-up blender

The blender is a polyurethane sponge, characterised by a teardrop shape with a cross cut for greater precision. It ensures even application and a perfect, even finish. Made of hypoallergenic material, totally latex-free, it is ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

It is often preferred to brushes because of its practicality and compact size, allowing you to take it anywhere and make quick touch-ups.

Depending on the desired effect, the beauty blender can be used wet or dry. If you want to increase the coverage of a foundation, we recommend using it dry and tapping the product onto the face. If you want to make a foundation less opaque or more even, simply moisten the blender slightly.

Makeup brushes

As mentioned above, brushes provide greater coverage but there is no one type of brush and not all brushes have the same final effect. This is why it is essential to know their characteristics in order to be able to choose our favourites.

DOUBLE FIBRE BRUSHIdeal for applying and blending liquid, cream and powder foundations.

BUFFERis the perfect brush for liquid and cream products, as it allows for flawless application and blending of products. It also provides excellent coverage for a visibly smooth complexion.

FLAT BRUSH: is the ideal ally if you want to distribute your foundation evenly thanks to its special shape. But be careful because, if not used correctly, it can leave streaks on the face.

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