Blush & Glow: a blush Highlighter that colours your looks

Blush & Glow: a blush Highlighter that colors your looks MESAUDA

To add a touch of colour and radiance to make-up, there is nothing better than the blusher Highlighter. Discover all its characteristics.

This is the time to stay at home. But there's no shortage of things to do even in this new home dimension that takes up almost all of 24 hours. Whether you're planning a business video call to present yourself at your best, or whether you want to have fun trying out new looks in your spare time, blush Highlighter is the product to go for.

And when you add a touch of Highlighter to the blusher, you can light up your face and make it glow at all times.

Discover Blush& Glow, the baked blush that illuminates the face!

The baked blush

The baked blush has the great advantage of giving colour to the make-up base and enhancing facial features with a few simple touches. No wonder it is used in so many different looks and on so many occasions.

Baked blush is perfect for both highlighting features and minimising blemishes and imperfections: one dusting and the face immediately becomes more even and acquires a healthier and more colourful appearance.

That's why blush is perfect for use on any occasion. Thanks to their paraben-, paraffin- and fragrance-free formula, they are ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Colour and light in a single blush Highlighter

With blush baked every look gains colour. But how can you make your face look perfectly made-up and glowing at the same time? Blush & Glow allows you to create make-up that highlights your best facial features and gives you new light with just a few simple touches.

Thanks to its light, creamy consistency and ultra-sensory texture, it gives the face a velvety, radiant appearance, combining the colour of the blush with the glow effect ofHighlighter. The concentration of holographic pigments and new-generation pearls transforms any make-up into a long-lasting effect.

You can choose the shade that best suits your complexion and outfit from the 8 available. Which colour is in line with your mood?

Apply Blush & Glow

You can use Blush & Glow over your make-up base to minimise or accentuate cheekbones, facial features or areas you want to highlight, applying the product with a brush specifically designed for that part of the face.

The brushes allow you to create the make-up you want thanks to the wide range of solutions, which you can choose according to the texture and the look you want to achieve.

Which colour of Blush & Glow do you like to use for your looks? Discover them all in our online shop .

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