BB Cream: discover the all-in-one product for a light and gentle make-up base

BB Cream: discover the all-in-one product for a light and gentle makeup base MESAUDA

Halfway between a moisturiser and a foundation, BB Cream is one of the must-haves in our beauty homes.

If you are looking for an all-in-one, high-performance and innovative product, you won't be able to do without BB Cream! This globally popular product evens out discolouration and complexion, minimises acne blemishes and fine lines, and moisturises and protects the skin thanks to active skincare ingredients.

BB Cream: a bit of history and trivia

Let's start with the question that many have been asking themselves since this product became part of our beauty routine. What is BB cream?

The meaning of BB is blemish balm. In fact, BB creams were created for this very purpose: to cover and conceal any imperfections in the skin.

This cosmetic has a long history, spanning several countries! It was created in Germany in the 1960s by a dermatologist who wanted a protective cream for her surgical patients.

In the 1980s, BB Creams arrived in Japan and Korea and became so successful that they became an integral part of the Korean beauty ritual. Their success in the West more or less dates back to 2011, when k-beauty (Korean cosmetics) became one of the biggest beauty trends.

What is it and for whom is it indicated?

Somewhere between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, the BB Cream is a true joker of makeup products. It is a moisturising and protective solution that evens out the colour of the complexion, ideal for quick and easy make-up application. Super smart, it is applied directly with the hands, just like a moisturiser.

There are now many different types and colours of BB Cream available on the market, which can be adapted to many different complexions. It is therefore suitable for everyone.

But beware! BB Cream has less pigmentation and less coverage than a foundation, which allows you to create a more structured make-up base. The BB Cream does not change the shade of the complexion but evens it out, minimising small imperfections, and is most effective on an averagely even complexion without any particular problems, such as acne or rosacea. So, if you have imperfections or obvious discolourations, this product will not give you the same results as a foundation, which (along with Concealer) is the best product for correcting imperfections.

BB Beauty Balm by Mesauda

BB Cream is one of the products you can rely on to create yourperfect base . Indicated (we repeat) for skins that do not have major imperfections, it is widely used in the summer, when, thanks to the tan, our face does not need particular corrections.

If you're looking for a light but high-performance BB Cream, don't miss BB Beauty Balm by Mesauda, available in three shades. It is anall-in-one product for complete and quick make-up, ideal for those who prefer light and imperceptible coverage. In a single gesture it moisturises and smoothes all skin types and gives uniformity to the complexion, making the skin soft and supple.

Suitable for all skin types, it gives a natural, radiant finish and evens out the complexion. Can be used alone or before make-up.

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