Keeping your beauty case tidy: it's time to get rid of superfluous items

Beauty case always in order: time to get rid of the superfluous MESAUDA

Part of our make-up routine also concerns the beauty case, or rather the organisation and arrangement of our favourite products.

The oriental philosophy of Feng Shui has been gaining ground for some years now. Feng Shui, which helps us to determine the more or less healthy characteristics of a particular place. But what if we were to tell you that this theory, so dear to interior designers, can also be used to tidy up our wardrobes and even our beauty cases?? In fact, whether it's a simple bag full of natural products or a box full of high-end make-up, the beauty case reflects who we are and what we think of our beauty.. According to Feng Shui experts, everything around us can influence our life and energy. And if we consider that our beauty case accompanies us at many points in our lives, its influence on our daily lives could be considerable. Whether you believe these philosophies or not, one thing is certain: The beauty case is our faithful companion on adventures. and, as well as reflecting our personalities, it should be practical and convenient to use.. Let's take a look at what Feng Shui experts recommend for organising your beauty case and, in general, find out how we can make it functional.

Reorganising and cleaning up

Step one: keep only what is essential. According to Eastern tradition, what we surround ourselves with reflects who we are inside. We constantly tend to accumulate and throwing away the superfluous becomes increasingly difficult.

It happens in the home, in the wardrobe, but not only that... the way we treat our make-up bag is an example. We keep a lot of make-up, often old, that we no longer use but that we can't seem to get rid of. We convince ourselves that sooner or later we will need it, but the truth is that it will be there for another day, month or year.

But no more procrastination! It's time to put our beauty routine in order: out with the old and the superfluous, in with only what we really need. Tidiness will be useful for everything from everyday life to holidays.

Chat to put in the beauty case?
The first question to ask is "how many tricks do you have and how many do you actually use?". We tend to always use the same products, our favourites that we can't do without. And so what's the point of keeping products we never use? Unless they are special make-up for special occasions, those products we have forgotten about are unlikely to find their way back into our make-up routine (and our hearts). So it's best to get rid of them. Choose what you use every dayDon't fill yourself up with uselessness and make room for what you really need. Another thing not to be underestimated concerns the correct storage of products: There is no point in storing products that have been open for too long.They risk being ineffective or even harmful to the skin. Finally, the appearance of our make-up bag inevitably reflects our inner sense of beauty and well-being. And perhaps our beauty case needs to be reorganised and refreshed.a simple gesture that could bring positive energy into our lives.

Lighten your skin care

Skin care is the most important step in our beauty routine. Without the right care, our skin will not be able to withstand make-up. We need to prepare it in the best possible way, with the right products. And while our beauty routine at home may include more complex steps, we should only carry the bare essentials in our beauty case:


  • The No. 1 skin care item can be cleansing milk, to be chosen according to the needs of the moment.
  • The face cream is indispensable and will keep your skin supple and healthy whatever the occasion. Take your favourite with you and wherever you are, treat yourself to a moment of regeneration in the morning and evening.

Basic make-up: only what you really need

The make-up we need to carry in our beauty case is: foundation, Concealer, Powder, eye shadows, eye pencil, blush and mascara.

Count to 7 and you're done!

  • The foundation should be super fluid and light, but above all easy to apply.
  • The Concealer , filling and modulating, to be applied in small quantities to cover imperfections and open up the eyes.
  • The Powder powder will give an impalpable and silky effect, evening out the complexion without weighing it down.
  • Are eye shadows your thing? Then why not choose a eye palette? Pack all your inspiration into ahandy and compact so you have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Black eye pencil or coloured. Just a small line on the upper rim of the eye is enough to give extreme definition to the eyes, with a great advantage: you can forget about the sharpener!
  • Blush, from the classic powder blush to the brand new Cheek Kiss in stick, blush will be your ideal ally to give a touch of colour to your make-up.
  • Mascara: is a must; it is the artist's finishing touch. Volumising, curling,high-definition, false lash effect, waterproof... there are all kinds. Choose it according to your characteristics and the look you want to achieve.

In short, your beauty case should contain a few targeted and well thought-out things. Don't fill it with unnecessary products , what you usually use is what you need, if not less!

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