A brand new era: Mesauda begins a new chapter in its history

A brand new era: Mesauda begins a new chapter in its history MESAUDA

A new era begins for Mesauda. The brand continues its journey with even more determination and grit.

After more than 13 years of research and success, Mesauda is ready to start a new chapter in its history.

the company has alwaysconsidered beauty a right, a point of conjunction between the art of aesthetics and respect for the diversity that distinguishes the unique features of each of us. This is why it wants to emphasise beauty, giving everyone the chance to reveal themselves, to express themselves freely at all times.

A new era. A new logo that sends out a message of grit and determination. Because these are the pillars on which the company rests and from which the three Buaron brothers started their adventure.

Victor, Amit and David had the courage to go beyond standards, to overcome stereotypes and to aim for a universal idea of beauty.

Victor, the creative soul of the company, always driven by an incredible curiosity, started from scratch and with no major resources. His work has been one of listening, observation and research. He decided to experiment and design a cosmetics brand that aimed at an idea of beauty free from all constraints. And her brothers, both characterised by strong entrepreneurial skills, became the perfect allies to take the project forward.

The brand was born, therefore, as a perfect mix of creativity and entrepreneurship, desire for innovation and attention to detail.

And the name is no accident either, but was chosen because in Arabic it means 'luck' and that is what must always accompany our tenacity.

Mesauda is not a fairytale, but a story of passion and determination.

The brand loves challenges, is not frightened by obstacles and is always ready to embark on new ways to improve. It gives room for inclusiveness, passion and freedom of creation, without losing sight of the quality of its products.

Unique shades, cruelty-free textures and cutting-edge formulas characterise each product.

The brand wants to give everyone the chance to express themselves freely, giving voice to their ambition and creativity, and revealing their beauty.

Mesauda is luck, joie de vivre, freedom and determination. Mesauda is beauty for all those who have the courage to express themselves.

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